Wednesday, June 7

open yours....and mine

Today has been a great achievement day (and boy did I need one!). After dropping Miss L off to kinder this morning, which included listening to a very intense monologue about the moon - why? well I worked that out when I looked up and saw the sun looked like this this morning.
It was then a very fresh (only 7 degrees) ball game at the park with my four legged friends, Wally and Mosey before hitting home and the to-do list. I love to-do lists. It is sort of a family thing, because so does my sister, and dad loves making lists of all sorts. However, even thou I believe making my to-do lists is sort of a core skill, getting things done to check off is in need of improvement. But today, well I blitzed and it is such a great feeling!

So this
is off to my secret pal in the one skein exchange,

and this is for my partner in the CC swap, which for June was aqua and orange,

and these are the three fabrics I'm using for a new bag.
not the horrible grey geometric which is the nasty ironing board cover!
(yeah, I know Mum, I should be sewing up those others!!) but I really wanted to add another pocket (this was my inspiration), and I really wanted to use the red & white large floral fabric I got from Gabriela, and well... I just had to make it. But no more light tonight, so pictures of the finished product will have to wait until tomorrow.

Like a reward for my hard work today (I also did some more cleaning, washing, packing, bill paying etc.), my Open Yours 06 parcel arrived from Amanda. Lots of trims and fabrics and buttons - all things I love. And some special biscuitts for Wally and Mosey - they didn't last long!

Here is a picture of what I sent Amanda. I love this swapping thing! :)

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Amanda said...

I tried to use this picture of your daughter and the dogs to upload to my website, and for some reason it will not work. Can you e-mail it to me? I want to put it in the Pet Gallery on the website!! Of course, if you want to send one without your daughter in it, you can do that too... but she is just so cute!

if you are feeling nostalgic