Friday, June 2

bon voyage cyril

A few posts ago I made Cyril the squirrel, which led to a request for more squirrels so these little fellows are off to a new home with a Jessica.I have so much fun making these, but there are only so many squirrels one house should hold - aren't there?! but if anyone else would like to swap for squirrel please send me an email at : whizzme (at) bigpond (dot) com.

Then yesterday I finished a cute little pincord skirt for Miss E who is coming to stay, and has just celebrated her 2nd birthday. I am hoping to get a photo of her modelling it because she is just a doll.

And to make me grin like an idiot I received my super dooper swap from Shannon. The knitting girl I purchased from the Aunty Cookie etsy shop along with the pack of yellow gift tags. Shannon made the other illustration for Miss L's room, and included all the great fabrics and cute pink journal. But even the card is going to need to be framed! Thanks Shannon - I hope you like your scarf - I looove my goodies.

now I must see if I can manage to get that illustration down - as you know it's Friday! :)


shannon said...

I realised I didnt give you fabric for the knitting lady to use as a border...? Ill pass it to joanne for you. Very Sorry. But very glad you like the swap stuff. Ahh glad and relieved!

Also, that chenilley white squirrel is cool, i like his fringed outfit!

yaya said...

I really want to do a swap but my comp won't let me e-mail you!! Would you be able to send me an e-mail at ? Love your blog - a squirrel desperate Yasmin!!

Jessica said...

I am beyond excited to get these little critters in my house. Thank you so much, I am working on your little present as I write this, getting ideas down so it doesn't disappoint! This is so exciting!

if you are feeling nostalgic