Tuesday, June 27

Bookshelf Tuesday

once again Tuesday rolls around (it is still Tuesday isn't it? with all the soccer watching I'm not really sure anymore!), and this means Bookshelf Tuesday is here again...

Something new - Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdal, ISBN 8251784352

You may have read in an early post that this book was the inspiration behind my Wall of Yarn entry. The designs are quite beautiful and the photos stunning. The book is based on Hisdal's visits of her country's museums, and she outlines well her ideas and inspiration behind each piece she designed. Okay the designs are not necessarily things I (or my family) would wear in a pink fit, but I admire the creativity, the colours and her knowledge. Hisdal wants this book to be an inspiration, and for me it already has been - but I'm afraid you won't find me knitting a completely fairisled cardigan in twelve colours knitted in 2 ply. I like a challenge but sometimes I can know my limits!

Something old - Patch Pictures by Norma Slabbert, ISBN 1853680265

The dabbler in me has been very keen to try collage for a while now- fabric, paper, mixed media. Last year I tracked down this great book on eBay. It is still the best book on collage that I have (and I have a few!). The ideas are great, but I really just love the retro pictures and motifs. Yeah, I haven't quite got around to doing anything from this book (have you noticed this theme yet?!) but I plan to - it is of course on my to do list, well one of my to do lists anyway.

Something borrowed - Making Things For Your Home, by Valerie Janitch.ISBN 0706402855

This book was a little expensive in the thrifting category, $5.50, however, I still love these 70's books, with their crazy ideas and kooky combinations. I mean what do you really want a crochet poodle bottle cover for?! But most of these books also contain little gems of ideas that can be interpreted and updated. And you usually get the patterns and very clear instructions. In fact quite a substantial part of my library can be dated to the 1970's, so maybe I am just trying to capture my childhood!

now really I must get some sleep - don't want to miss too much of Wimbledon.


tammie said...

ooooh, love the patch pictures book - must get my hands on one!
what a good project for crafty summer camp!

carolyn said...

I especially love Norma Slabbert's Patch Pictures!
The trees are so inspiring.

Thanks for the great idea, I've joined you for Bookshelf Tuesday this week :)

sooz said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog - and keep on cooking. Your daughter sounds a lot like mine - 'let's do making!'grhwdzv

if you are feeling nostalgic