Wednesday, April 29


I think I may have finally recovered from Miss Whizzme's birthday party! I would love to tell you all the hilarious chaotic adventures we had for it, but I need Mr Whizzme to remain talking to me! Let's just say 26 girls being diva's (it was a movie star party but they certainly took to the theme!), a candy bar with no system, a cake with melted cream and a daughter who lost the dvd remote control, meant that not many things went to plan. However, Miss Whizzme and her friends had a good time and I guess at the end of the day, that is all it's about!! The postscript to this was that Miss Whizzme then accidently deleted all the photos from the camera! Some things are best for memories only I guess.

The next ordeal is the presents. We have a 'one in, one out' policy, with the outs being given to a local op shop. I will confess it isn't always the easiest process to go through with Miss Whizzme (and don't even get me started on Mr Whizzme!) but we get there. This year however, the swag of goodies has reached ridiculous proportions and even I'm having trouble culling old toys to meet the quota. Seriously, how much does one 7 year old need?!

Otherwise, I am still working on a couple of secret projects (I hope to share soon) and some not so secret projects: Finished presents for people, orders from others and even some clothing repairs. I also put a little rainy idea in the latest PANDA newsletter which you can view here (opens pdf).

Leaving me now counting down the weeks to my Elwood June market stall. Cripes!!

Thursday, April 9

Miss Whizzme Grows Up

Birthday cake no.1

On Monday Miss Whizzme turned 7. It is hard to believe it is already seven years since we welcomed our new little bundle into our family. And it still amazes me just how much they learn and change in this relatively short time. Mr Whizzme & I often look at each other and say "she goes well"! Who knew parents could get so soppy?!

Our little girl is becoming quite the individual, showing her personality more each day: the scientist with a love of facts and research, the actor who can play any role time and her toys require, the adventurer who has a curiosity for new experiences yet wisely assessing the risks beforehand, the circus performer, the budding author, the open minded friend. It continually fascinates me to see another facet revealed. It also sometimes overwhelms with the love I have for this little person- somedays it is like my heart swells to the size of my chest. Being a parent is just a fantastic job.

So I figure that by writing this post the next time Miss Whizzme decides to make something from my newly purchased fabric, or use kitchen utensils to unearth discoveries in the backyard, it will remind that it is part of growing up!

Now I must run and pack: the Whizzmes are off to camp at Port Fairy. Happy Easter.

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Wednesday, April 1

Helping out - if you are not too weary

Once again I have been busy developing, sewing, sticking, knitting, weighing and cutting but the results of all this activity will have to stay secret just for a while longer. What I can share with you however, is one project that is underway and will end up similar to this one I made last year.

doll quilt 2
Here's one I prepared earlier!!

It will be for the Silent Auction at the PANDA fundraising night.
If you would like to be involved in this in a crafty way, then you need to see Shannon's post here. If you would like to be a sponsor or donate items then can you please email: requesting information for sponsoring Night Off Night Out or if you have any questions regarding donations email me:

We can really use your help - and would dearly love some fabulousness to put in the showbags for attendees.

If you would like to receive a showbag and have a fabulous girls' night out then see the invite here or email for tickets. I have already polished up my very fabulous miu mius' for the night!