Tuesday, June 6


So you might have noticed I've been playing with my site's look. The header is now one of the labels I have had made, ready for sewing into softie's and bag's. It took me ages (and I mean hours) to work out how to post the bloody thing! But at least it feels a bit more like mine. I wish I could get the whole thing to align better, but this will have to do for now. You may also notice a new button on the sidebar for the mag swap - very exciting!! (did I really say no more swaps in June?!) However, this is all I have to show for today's crafting. The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, doing the washing, running errands etc., etc. But Miss L and I did take these too beautiful friends to the park so we could all enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. Hopefully there will be some crafting to tell you about tomorrow.

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Amanda Toris said...

Ok, now I'm hooked.. I signed up for the mag swap too...

if you are feeling nostalgic