Friday, October 26


Portrait of Mum
Miss L impersonating me.

hi folks, remember me?  
Yep I've been living up to my self given label again and been procrastinating nicely at home.  I really have lots of things to post about, and lots of thank yous to give, and some tags to do and well it all just seems to be a bit much at the moment.  I had a nasty bout of food poisoning last weekend, which has been followed with the preciousness of having that monthly female curse.  If I haven't been about to burst into tears I've been reorganising cupboards and sending things off to the op shop. I am really enjoying the counselling training at PANDA, and it has led to some interesting discussions at home about family beliefs, values, myths we have about ourselves etc.  Miss L seems to be going through some sort of 'phase' ("you don't understand mum")- which involves a lot of tears and dramatics. Boy is she going to be a treat for some therapist later on!! Therefore it may be another week before posting really returns to normal here (whatever normal is!) so I think I might just have time to sneak in the October giveaway.
Leave a comment - anything you want to say - just hello is fine.  I will draw a winner and let you know on the 1st of November.  Good luck.  Oh, and the prize - well, there's a craft book or two and who knows what else I might throw in the lucky winners parcel? maybe some chocolate if I can stop myself from eating it!! 

Friday, October 12

back on the chain gang...

ok, so it's not quite that bad. Although, I wasn't going to post until the house was in order, but given that we have now been back 5 days and it is hard to gauge any progress I thought it I'd better post before you Mum sends out the search party! It's a good thing that you cannot see the washing still to be done, the roomful of washing to be folded and put away, the beds to be made, dishes to be scrubbed, bills to be paid let alone the emails to be answered, all now added to my pages of the ever growing 'Must get this done soon' list.  Instead I will fill your eyes with the good times from our holidays.

For me this meant a lot of time enjoying thismy favourite drink
finishing some projectsautumn folded
spending a lot of time at the beach with Miss Lwoolamai surf beach and wildlife!
and other lovely family pursuits that can be found at Phillip Island.

For Miss L a large part of the holiday was enjoyed by collecting jellyfish from the shoreline (hundreds of them, all about coin size) and then releasing them into an appropriately surveyed rock pool.  home for jellyfishThank goodness my only involvement in this daily project was pointing the oozy little creatures out with my toe. ick!  When we were able to drag Miss L away from the beach, it was to spend over an hour in the animal farm holding her favourite adoptee guinea pig. Sheesh!  Lucy and Butch
The upside of this activity being that Miss L is now intent on being allowed to have her own guinea pig, and so is attempting to prove her ability to be responsible.  I am of course milking this situation for all its worth using this as a perfect time for her to learn tidying up, putting away, packing school bags etc. etc.  We will see how long this lasts.

For Mr Whizzme it meant mainly spending much cherished time with his girls.time with Dad

Since returning
- I have started the training course to become a telephone counsellor at PANDA
- joined my often partner in crime into guilting inspiring each other with joint gym sessions
- got about 1/3 done of both chevron scarf versions
- started the Christmas shopping
- organised the next sewing session for shop goodies.

Now that I am feeling better about my no more neglected blog I will return to the 877 posts still to be read in bloglines, the 15 commentors I still have to reply too and probably the washing.