Monday, December 21

Win some Christmas Cheer

Here are the details for the Christmas Cheer competition. There are 2 prizes to win so there are 2 ways to enter, and you can enter in both. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me,
1. The best handmade gift you have ever received- and put goodies as your prize code word to win a Santa sack full of handmade goodness.
2. The story of your nightmare before Christmas craft story. Like that time you had to stay up all Christmas eve to finish all those presents because you promised everyone something handmade. Put stash as your prize code on your entry to win a Santa sack of crafting fun.

The more stories you have the more times you can enter! Just remember to put the prize code on your entry.

Entries close 31 December 2009. The winners will be announced 1 January 2010.

Good luck.

Monday, December 14

a little holiday cheer everyone?

Just popping in quickly to let you know that I will be running a little christmas competition. So check back here on Monday 21 Christmas for full details. There will be two prizes - a sack of handmade goodies and a sack of crafty stash goodies. Anyone can enter, so see you back here in 1 week. Spread the word....

p.s. comments are currently moderated due to some unsavoury suggestions!

Saturday, December 5

Excuse me

Hi we here at Whizzme (me and my bear!) are currently cleaning out our drawers and getting ready for spring err Christmas!

Tuesday, August 25

should be in bed

this is one of Catia Chen's wonderful works that I can stare at for ages.

Should be in bed is becoming my new catch phrase as each night I can be found puddling around after midnight finishing work documents, sewing custom whizzme orders and various other school and home related things. For the last three weeks I have been working 3 days at PANDA, which is very exciting and presents lots of challenging brain stretching stuff. It also means that might delightful core skill of fluffing around has had to be shelved and I have been digging into the depths of my memory to find some organisational qualities. If this sounds like hard work - it is! But we are all fairly happy here in the Whizzme house as we enter this new phase of family routine.

Added to all this is the small trip I am making this week back to Adelaide to spend some time with my Mum who has just had some surgery. For a few days I am going to make her sit on the couch and watch movies and help me sew or something. Will probably be good for the both of us. Of course this week is Book week at school, and Miss Whizzme is doing her news presentation on Friday so just a couple of things to sort out before I leave... I figure this is all part of the new workout my brain has been getting which will hopefully stop me going ga ga in my old age* if news reports are to be believed.

I had hoped that my next post was going to be about the market and all the new stuff in my shop. I guess it will have to wait another week or two... Instead, here are some of my favourite finds in my late night trawls of the world wide information overload.

Have I ever told you I collect hippos?

anything from this little shop and this, and this,

and one of these please!
a pair of boots from here if they only delivered to Australia.

this gorgeous cupboard form Kast van een Huis

some Ninagawa Mika photography

and finally this
just appeals to me!

*any comments about how ga ga I may be already will not be dignified with acknowledgement!

Saturday, August 1

to market, to market

I really should be heading off to bed - it is going to be a very early morning for me.  Market day has finally arrived and I am hoping that the blue skies will favour us.  My wonderful sister is here and has been in charge of merchandising while I finish products, write blurbs and generally pfaff around creatively!!  It has been great to have someone come in an organise my chaos, calm the whizzme household and make it more fun than doing this on your own.  So if you are anywhere near Elwood primary school tomorrow, drop in to the Elwood market.  Better yet stop by and say hi - if you wish me Happy Birthday too you might even get a little party favour.  

Tuesday, July 14

routine - a dirty word!

For those of you that are kind enough to put up with irregular blogging at this little site, it will come as no surprise that once again there has been quite a time gap between posts. I have decided that the expectation of having a routine for our family is just asking too much, and that really we should just embrace our chaotic approach to life! I guess those of you who know the Whizzme clan well will be sniggering at the fact I have even attempted to talk about routine! Ok, ok - denial no longer for us. I have in fact decided to out myself as a chronoptimist and Miss Whizzme has the hallmarks of one too- much to Mr Whizzme's frustration. Now that I have that out in the open; I hope all of you read my ramblings will better understand the erratic nature of them!

Moving on....
A quick update for the past month.
- the market stall didn't happen in June, (don't even get me started!!) but I will be at Elwood Market on the 1st August. My wonderful sister is coming over to help me (she's the organised one).
- I still haven't updated the shop - so don't bother going there!
- Worked extra days at PANDA.
- The Whizzme clan have just got back from another visit to Adelaide.

This week are back at school (Miss Whizzme), back to work (Mr Whizzme), back to market prep (me)...

Monday, June 1

oh where oh where has the author gone?!

I know, I know I have gone beyond the whole missing in action thing, but I have several, very good excuses, really! First the material love of my life died - that's right the iMac gave up the ghost so that I was left with a screen and the spinning beach ball of death.  Now I have a brand new iMac, very sleek and stylish, very whizz bang, but still with some problems that my apple shop need to work out or there is going to be blood, no computer chips spilt. Second, I have worked some extra days at PANDA which has completely thrown out my 'getting ready for market' schedule. Ha! I know as if I even had a schedule, but if I did it would have completely been thrown out and it would still be now only 4 days away and close to panic mode.  The stupid thing being that I work so much better in panic mode, and 4 crazy days later I will be at the Elwood Market with my first ever stall.  Confidence people, confidence!

While I have been A.W.A.Y (absent without asking you) from the blog, we (as in me and 8 girl friends) had a very lovely time at the PANDA fundraising dinner
I managed to score some great aunty cookie stuff in the silent auction, and my little bed ensemble sold for $150 so I was very pleased.

But really I have to love you and leave you, as it is only 4 days until market day so panic mode must continue for a while.  And lets face it - there's never been any real routine around here anyway!! 


Wednesday, April 29


I think I may have finally recovered from Miss Whizzme's birthday party! I would love to tell you all the hilarious chaotic adventures we had for it, but I need Mr Whizzme to remain talking to me! Let's just say 26 girls being diva's (it was a movie star party but they certainly took to the theme!), a candy bar with no system, a cake with melted cream and a daughter who lost the dvd remote control, meant that not many things went to plan. However, Miss Whizzme and her friends had a good time and I guess at the end of the day, that is all it's about!! The postscript to this was that Miss Whizzme then accidently deleted all the photos from the camera! Some things are best for memories only I guess.

The next ordeal is the presents. We have a 'one in, one out' policy, with the outs being given to a local op shop. I will confess it isn't always the easiest process to go through with Miss Whizzme (and don't even get me started on Mr Whizzme!) but we get there. This year however, the swag of goodies has reached ridiculous proportions and even I'm having trouble culling old toys to meet the quota. Seriously, how much does one 7 year old need?!

Otherwise, I am still working on a couple of secret projects (I hope to share soon) and some not so secret projects: Finished presents for people, orders from others and even some clothing repairs. I also put a little rainy idea in the latest PANDA newsletter which you can view here (opens pdf).

Leaving me now counting down the weeks to my Elwood June market stall. Cripes!!

Thursday, April 9

Miss Whizzme Grows Up

Birthday cake no.1

On Monday Miss Whizzme turned 7. It is hard to believe it is already seven years since we welcomed our new little bundle into our family. And it still amazes me just how much they learn and change in this relatively short time. Mr Whizzme & I often look at each other and say "she goes well"! Who knew parents could get so soppy?!

Our little girl is becoming quite the individual, showing her personality more each day: the scientist with a love of facts and research, the actor who can play any role time and her toys require, the adventurer who has a curiosity for new experiences yet wisely assessing the risks beforehand, the circus performer, the budding author, the open minded friend. It continually fascinates me to see another facet revealed. It also sometimes overwhelms with the love I have for this little person- somedays it is like my heart swells to the size of my chest. Being a parent is just a fantastic job.

So I figure that by writing this post the next time Miss Whizzme decides to make something from my newly purchased fabric, or use kitchen utensils to unearth discoveries in the backyard, it will remind that it is part of growing up!

Now I must run and pack: the Whizzmes are off to camp at Port Fairy. Happy Easter.

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Wednesday, April 1

Helping out - if you are not too weary

Once again I have been busy developing, sewing, sticking, knitting, weighing and cutting but the results of all this activity will have to stay secret just for a while longer. What I can share with you however, is one project that is underway and will end up similar to this one I made last year.

doll quilt 2
Here's one I prepared earlier!!

It will be for the Silent Auction at the PANDA fundraising night.
If you would like to be involved in this in a crafty way, then you need to see Shannon's post here. If you would like to be a sponsor or donate items then can you please email: requesting information for sponsoring Night Off Night Out or if you have any questions regarding donations email me:

We can really use your help - and would dearly love some fabulousness to put in the showbags for attendees.

If you would like to receive a showbag and have a fabulous girls' night out then see the invite here or email for tickets. I have already polished up my very fabulous miu mius' for the night!

Friday, March 13

reFashioning Fun

My feet hurt, I think I might be a bit smelly, but I have had the best fun today! I have spent the last two days at the Stitches and Craft Show here in Melbourne.  No, not buying, although there are plenty of things to tempt you (see below for more on that).  But playing working on the Wardrobe Refashion stall. You may already know all about Wardrobe Refashion, but if not I'm sure you will know the creative genius behind it Nichola, Nikkishell.  I have had such a good time making things, brainstorming and seeing people walk away with their creations.  These are just a few of the creations but there were so many amazing items.  

More Wardrobe RefashionWardrobe reFashion
I'm back there saturday, so if you are going to the show be sure to come past so we can sew up a storm together.  And you can see even more creations here. But for now I am off to sit and watch some Friday night TV with some takeaway from the local asian restaurant. 

Listed below are just some of my favourites you will find at the show:
and you must see Handmade Nation.

Thursday, February 26

Handmade Helps - how you can help too

You may have already heard about the great community of people who have put together Handmade Helps for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.  If you haven't then go see all the ways you can be involved - buy, donate, make, you name it they have it going on.  Yesterday I reopened my dusty little etsy store and listed two fabric tote bags with all proceeds going to Wildlife Victoria.  Check them out, and other people's goods you can buy here.

Wednesday, February 11

How to help - Victorian Bushfires

I collated this information at work today for our clients but thought there might be others of you out there who find this useful.

Below is some of the latest information to come out from the relevant aid agencies regarding donations and assistance for the Victorian Bushfires.

Red Cross response (9am, 11 February)
  • Over 160 lives lost with the number expected to increase as authorities access more homes and discover vehicles in which people attempted to escape the fires.
  • Two centres in the Beechworth area were re-opened Monday night with fires and ember strikes threatening the area.
  • The Red Cross enquiry centre is continuing to receive a large volume of calls from people concerned about family and friends and we are seeing an increase in calls from overseas as international news services relay the news.
  • There are still significant numbers of people registering with us so that family and friends can check on their wellbeing. One whole community that was surrounded by fire but spared, came forward to register with us late Monday so their loved ones know they are ok.
  • Over 400 volunteers and staff continue to work in shifts, Red Cross call centres in WA, ACT and NSW have opened to help deal with the volume of calls from people checking on the welfare of evacuees.
  • Red Cross will not deduct any funds from this appeal for administration costs. All funds received will be kept in a Trust Fund set up by the Victorian Government.
  • The Red Cross is not accepting material donations – please see the information below for details of where to take material goods.

From the State Government & Associated Agencies
  • People should ring 1800 727 077 or email only if they are unable to contact someone in the affected areas.
  • Financial Donations to The Bushfire Appeal Fund by calling 1800 811 700 or go to the website at:
  • Commercial Donations Large commercial donations should be offered to the Victorian Bushfire Public Accommodation Donation Line Call: 1800 006 468. 8am - 8pm.
  • Volunteers People wishing to donate their time should contact Go Volunteer on 1300 366 356 or register on their website at:
  • Accommodation People wishing to donate accommodation should contact the Victorian Bushfire Public Accommodation Donation Line by calling 1800 006 468. 8am - 8pm.
  • Blood donations The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is not presently calling for emergency donations. Nonetheless, the Blood Service encourages all Victorians wanting to assist possible victims of this weekend's bushfires to call 13 14 95 or use the online registration form at the Blood Service website to make an appointment to donate blood in the coming and days and weeks. These pledges will ensure blood stocks remain at safe levels, including additional coverage for use by burns and other victims resulting from this weekend's bushfire emergency.
  • Fundraising If you want to hold a fundraiser, please contact the fundraising department of Red Cross in your state or territory. please be patient if it takes some time for your call to be returned, we are receiving a large volume of enquiries. If your fundraiser is approved, you will be asked to read and follow the requirements of the community fundraising kit, downloadable from the Red Cross website.
  • Assistance with Horses If you are not in an area that is under threat and think you can offer assistance please complete the Offer of Assistance after Victorian Bushfires form on the Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria website:
From St Vincent de Paul Society:
  • Financial Donations Call: 13 18 12 Online:
  • Donation of Goods Victorian Disaster Appeal Warehouse Lot 7 Henderson Road, Rowville Open- Mon to Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 8am – 4 pm *Communities affected are particularly in need of large size clothing (XXL) for men and women, new underwear & socks. Personal toiletries such as baby dummies, baby bottles, baby formula, nappy wipes, sanitary products, deodorant etc.
  • Donation of Food Vic Relief Foodbank 4/2 Summerville Road, Yarraville Call: 9362 8300 *Non-perishable food items please
  • Housing Assistance If you can offer emergency housing please call or email:   Call: 9895 5800 Email: reception

From the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s Salvos Stores in Victoria will be providing clothing and other goods to assist those affected by the Victorian bushfire through its Emergency Relief Program.

Salvos Stores are currently using existing stock to support those in need; ensuring people have access to a full range of goods including new items. Members of the public wanting to make donations of goods, in new or as new condition, can be made to any Salvos Store in Victoria.

The Salvation Army is seeking donations of clothing, bed linen and furniture that will be passed on to those coming in for assistance.

“We are accepting donations from the Victorian public which will be held in stock reserves and distributed when required. In the meantime current stock in our stores will be provided to communities in need”, said Allen Dewhirst, CEO of Salvos Stores.

Donations, accepted at all Salvos Stores in Victoria, will ensure we maintain a constant supply of in demand items. We request that donations are taken to Salvos Stores during normal trading hours to reduce the risk of theft of donations left outside stores. Most Salvos Stores trade six days a week and some open on a Sunday to receive donations. For larger donations please call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) to arrange collection.

· Since the weekend 225 Salvation Army Officers, personnel and volunteers in 16 teams worked along side emergency service crews and devastated communities. Providing chaplaincy support to those assisting with emergency and also for those families and individuals who are in shock from the enormity of the disaster.

· Across Victoria The Salvation Army is heavily involved in the response phase of this emergency, assisting those with emergency accommodation, clothing and goods, toiletries and providing catering for firefighters and bushfire victims. It is estimated that over the last four days The Salvation Army has provided more than 7,000 meals.

· We are working out of Whittlesea, assisting those fighting the fires in the Kinglake Complex. We are also supporting the many people who have suffered great loss of life and possessions. For those who have lost loved ones The Salvation Army is offering emotional support through a team of Chaplains here, helping to support them through this extremely difficult time. For the last four days the team at Whittlesea have been providing three meals a day to around 500 people, we will be here as long as it takes to help this community get back on its feet.

· Our team in Wallan cooked breakfast for people each morning with support of local businesses. They are offering emotional support to those who are now coming back to their houses to see what is left. We are hearing stories from people who are left shell shocked, just yesterday afternoon a lady came to John, one of the Salvo team there, she had lost everything except her cat.

· In Horsham Captain Allan Morrison is working with proud farming families who have lost everything. These are people who struggle to get by and rarely ask for help. Now without any food or clothing they are turning to the Salvos for help.

· The Healesville community is dealing with fires edging closer to the town. Here Captain Clint Castley is arranging transport for residents away from the area and preparing for a massive demand for support and assistance once people are able to return to their homes.

· Major Brain Rowe is working with the people in the Traralgon and Moe assembly centres. He is finding accommodation in near by hotels and motels for people who have lost their home and have nowhere to go.

· Yesterday in Warragul Captain Daniel Templeman was supporting those who were returning to assess the damage. The team is busy helping people change linen, providing toiletries and taking calls. Although the alert here has finished and there are minimal losses The Salvation Army here will still need to support the community emotionally as they deal with the disaster.

· These stories are not isolated, right across the state Salvation Army teams are at work ensuring the bushfire victims and emergency service teams are looked after. Whatever the need may be in the community we are working hard to try and meet it.

· The Salvation Army Overdale Rural Rehabilitation Centre in Kilmore has been razed to the ground by the destructive fires in the area. This facility has provided vital rehabilitation services to hundreds of Victorians since its establishment six years ago. It has been totally destroyed, along with vehicles, equipment and medications. Thankfully, and most importantly, the residents had been evacuated on Saturday afternoon and were not harmed.

· The coming days will be critical and it is expected that the fires may take several days to control and extinguish. The Salvation Army will move towards the recovery phase in the next few days, working with the affected communities to help them rebuild their lives.

I know this is a lot of information but so many of us want to help in whatever way we can.  For those of you overseas the phone numbers given are for local calls, but you can visit websites if you would like to make a donation.

Wednesday, January 28

beating flies with your fabric stash

Sometimes others who share the same house as you have to admit that a stash of fabric can be very handy!

And much prettier than your average fly screen.

Friday, January 23


How rude me to bugger off like that without leaving you a note! Well, there goes the first new years resolution! Miss Whizzme and I have been hanging out at the beach with friends and family. But all this holidaying can really take its toll. LOL!

We are now back home, once again enjoying our still new to us house and yard.  I am slowly getting things organised in my craft room.  I wouldn't ever tell him so but Mr Whizzme was right - I have a LOT of craft crap!  I requested some shelves to be built like this, and also an entry storage system like this.  Plans and measurements supplied by me are currently hung on the wall and are much admired by both of us.  There has been a lot of mumbling from Mr Whizzme about how it will be constructed.  It isn't always good when one procrastinator is married to another!

Miss Whizzme was delighted that at least one of her favourite dolls received a new outfit.  That is Imogen on the left sporting her new pink tunic blouse and matching summer pants.  Mika had to be satisfied with her dress from two years ago. sigh!

However, you must excuse me again because holidays are not quite over, and although most days have seen me screaming about school not starting soon enough, today has started on a bright and gorgeous note so I am going to grab it while I can.

That, and I must repaint my toes - what was I thinking buying this yellow?
sunny? - more like fungused!!

Thursday, January 1

well here we are at the start of another year...

The award pictured above was given to me for mother's day last year by Miss Whizzme and was recently rediscovered while unpacking. It made me laugh to see that I was proving she knows her mother well, as I had just made Mr Whizzme relocate the cupboard and desk in my craft room. We have spent much of the holidays so far unpacking and rearranging; still piecing together things in our new house. The Whizzme clan is very happy to be found pottering in their new abode: Mr Whizzme is making numerous trips to Bunnings for supplies. Miss Whizzme spends most days taking all her things outside and creating scenarios such as picnic's, fairy realms and camp sites. I am trying extremely hard to spend time in my new craft room crafting rather than cleaning and sorting. So today my first new year resolution is to spend the day there and bugger the rest!

My second resolution is to be better at getting back to those of you who are kind enough to leave comments. I really am going to try, but please don't anyone be holding their breath about this one though!

Thank you for sticking around for another year and reading the haphazard ramblings of Whizzme. Here's to 2009.

Oh and Wally the wonder dog is barking at every bus that has the audacity to stop at the bus stop near our house! Cleverness is not one of his strong points, lucky he has his looks!!