Tuesday, July 14

routine - a dirty word!

For those of you that are kind enough to put up with irregular blogging at this little site, it will come as no surprise that once again there has been quite a time gap between posts. I have decided that the expectation of having a routine for our family is just asking too much, and that really we should just embrace our chaotic approach to life! I guess those of you who know the Whizzme clan well will be sniggering at the fact I have even attempted to talk about routine! Ok, ok - denial no longer for us. I have in fact decided to out myself as a chronoptimist and Miss Whizzme has the hallmarks of one too- much to Mr Whizzme's frustration. Now that I have that out in the open; I hope all of you read my ramblings will better understand the erratic nature of them!

Moving on....
A quick update for the past month.
- the market stall didn't happen in June, (don't even get me started!!) but I will be at Elwood Market on the 1st August. My wonderful sister is coming over to help me (she's the organised one).
- I still haven't updated the shop - so don't bother going there!
- Worked extra days at PANDA.
- The Whizzme clan have just got back from another visit to Adelaide.

This week are back at school (Miss Whizzme), back to work (Mr Whizzme), back to market prep (me)...