Sunday, May 14

playing catch up

I have received a few swap parcels lately, and I need to say thank you for such wonderful goodies.

This wonderful selection of things came from Gabriela. The little orange buttons she made! and I love little buttons. The fabrics are fantastic - and at least one will be a bag!

Then Sylvie (apologies Sylvie for mis-spelling and the wrong link - should have gone to bed!) and I swapped for this fabulous apple print fabric that I loved. There is so much of it, that I am even tempted to recover are dining chairs with it - but R isn't so sure!

Sylvie also sent some wonderful things for Lucy, but by the time the battery was charged in the camera this was all that was left on show! Thanks so much Sylvie and Marcel we had a wonderful time on Friday unwrapping and oohing over our gifts. Lucy has in fact hidden her presents in her room as her 'treasure' which I am not allowed to touch!

And to top off such a wonderful week from the mail, below is all the great thrifty finds that were purchased this week.

I am one happy hoarder!!


Kristy said...

Wow!Lots of treasure to drool over!

kristin said...

oh!! that tree fabric is BEAUTIFUL!!

shannon said...

Wow! you are scoring big time with your swaps!! The standard of swapping these days is abit scarey!! Love that red fabric from the top picture and the tree fabric/?? from your op shopping.

Sylvie said...

Hi Samantha! Happy Mums Day. Note: You've mispelled my name in your post, which makes for a curious lead to a blog in Portugal. She seems like a nice woman, but she's not me! My name is spelled SYLVIE.

Sylvie said...

And now I see that I've signed in the wrong way and have a dead link in my comment. It's troubling when one has to stay up so late, after the wee ones are asleep, to catch-up on big people things.I should be in bed. Bon Soir.