Sunday, June 25

craft? what craft?!

Sunday nights, every fortnight is 'date night' for R and I. So, every fortnight we have been trying a new restaurant, and in Melbourne there are plenty to choose from. Tonight, was the pinnacle of our date night dinners so far. We went to Cafe di Stasio. The food is soooo scrummy, that my eyes are still partially closed in that complete feeling of being full and having eaten well I don't really want to move. Fantastic wine, a pinot from the mornington peninsula; buckwheat pasta with savoy cabbage, lots of cheese and garlic; finished with the best zabaglione I have ever had, with poached quinces. R had to stop me from licking the bowl clean! R had a magnificent rib veal with cheese & prosicutto (I was a teeny tiny bit jealous!) followed by rich chocolate torte. Heaven was eaten tonight!! And we were given a complimentary glass of frangelico with lime to finish a superb meal. So, there will be no pictures tonight, and craft? well, I guess there is always tomorrow...

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