Monday, November 27

it's a beautiful day...

*cartoon from

and yes I didn't let it get away. Lucy and I went down to Elwood beach after school and spent a wonderful late afternoon enjoying a sumptuous sun filled day. Wow, can you notice that my mojo is coming back with all these superlatives!! Yes, it has been a hard few months and you may have noticed the down turn in my posting. You see I suffer from that black cloud or black dog whatever you want to call it - depression. It can really take the wind out of your sails and I've spent a good deal of time lately contemplating the back of my eyelids. But we (the psych and I) have done some changes to the drugs and some therapy and things are looking up... in fact when you know about being down, you can feel the pull of up, and it's like its very own drug. the only way is up is how I feel right now, and I'm hoping it will last for a long time. so enough about that...

The title of this post is also in reference to the constant U2ing that is happening in this household. My partner is a fanatical U2 fan, in fact he's a fan club member! So, first we had the music and dvd onslaught in lead up to the concert, with R openly manipulating Miss L's music tastes. Now, we have the "we went to the concert and loved it and just can't get enough" onslaught. Don't get me wrong - I thought the concert was fantastic, but enough already - I like a little variety in my music. Lucky we have our own iPod's or things could get really nasty here!! and yes, Miss L now can spot Bono in a crowd.

As for crafting - well there is none of that in this post - nope none at all - there is in fact very little to report even, so I'll make sure to kick that butt in the right direction and have something for you soon.

Monday, November 13


I'd like to be able to say this is a photo of us on our recent camping trip - don't we just look super organised - but alas it is a photo from my book Cooking for Campers that I picked up recently at the op shop for $2. We have just been camping, but being the newbies we are didn't manage to cook anything over the fire except the requisite marshmellows. All other meals were made in the camp kitchen or take away. Looking at the photo I guess this family must of been packing a trailer, because our Subaru Outback was packed to the hilt and we wouldn't have been able to fit in all that food and extra gear. But no matter, we had fun, and relaxed. I managed to knit a little bit more of Lucy's sock which at this rate will be finished sometime in 2008 if I'm lucky!

I have managed to get a little bit more organised and finished Miss Z's black lamb from the pictured japanese book - she has been appropriately named 'Wooly' (ps. it is hard to photograph black softies)

Another top for me - with the bad self photograph

And I signed up to Amitie's blog membership and these lovely fabric sample's arrived in the mail. Click on the button to the right if you would like to see more about them. They have a great range of fabrics.

And thanks Justine for getting me involved.