Monday, June 5

time with friends

Today my best friend and her family went home (sniff), after staying with us for 4 days. We had a lovely, relaxing, giggling time. And apart from another visit to the aquarium - we just can't get enough!, attending a 4 year old birthday party (made another bambi hoodie but forgot to take a photo - duh!) I managed to make a mini-moopy (thanks, Carly) for my little moopy friend Miss E,
who can be seen here modelling her birthday skirt.

And not to be left out, here is Master H modelling his superhero t-shirt which I posted about here.

And being the fantastic best friend that she is, J made a hard pattern for my bags for me, and cut out the interfacing for the bags. What a star! so now I really have no excuses to get those bags sewn... so just got to finish that square for the wall of yarn.

But because she is just such a gorgeous little moopy herself, I leave you with one more photo of Miss E wearing her Christmas dress, for our own little birthday party.


Amanda Toris said...

Because I can't find an e-mail address for you, I have to post this here...


Samantha, your parcel was fantastic! I absolutely love everything!!! I hope you enjoy yours.. it should be arriving any day now!!!!

Mrs Davey said...

i was going to try a mini moopy myself - but i think after seeing yours (looks great) i may try the simpler things!!!

shannon said...

oohhhhh really mrs davey? maybe Ill try one too....yours is cool Sam. Im liking the use of the chenille furry stuff.

carolyn said...

cute little moop ;)

if you are feeling nostalgic