Monday, June 1

oh where oh where has the author gone?!

I know, I know I have gone beyond the whole missing in action thing, but I have several, very good excuses, really! First the material love of my life died - that's right the iMac gave up the ghost so that I was left with a screen and the spinning beach ball of death.  Now I have a brand new iMac, very sleek and stylish, very whizz bang, but still with some problems that my apple shop need to work out or there is going to be blood, no computer chips spilt. Second, I have worked some extra days at PANDA which has completely thrown out my 'getting ready for market' schedule. Ha! I know as if I even had a schedule, but if I did it would have completely been thrown out and it would still be now only 4 days away and close to panic mode.  The stupid thing being that I work so much better in panic mode, and 4 crazy days later I will be at the Elwood Market with my first ever stall.  Confidence people, confidence!

While I have been A.W.A.Y (absent without asking you) from the blog, we (as in me and 8 girl friends) had a very lovely time at the PANDA fundraising dinner
I managed to score some great aunty cookie stuff in the silent auction, and my little bed ensemble sold for $150 so I was very pleased.

But really I have to love you and leave you, as it is only 4 days until market day so panic mode must continue for a while.  And lets face it - there's never been any real routine around here anyway!!