Tuesday, June 20

Something old, something new, something borrowed, forget the blue...

Self-portrait Tuesday is very popular in blog world, and as much as I like to take up most challenges - posting photos of my self is not one I am up to. I hate any photos that have me in them and prefer to take photos than pose. Instead I decided to start my own weekly post - Bookshelf Tuesday. So what's with today's post title? Well, the method in my madness equals each Bookshelf Tuesday will be about three books: One that I've had on my shelf a while, one I've recently acquired and one I've thrifted. Being a self confessed bookaholic, wait there's a real word for that, um, a bibliophile, I figured that I will have no problem previewing three books each week (that's 3 x 52 = um, a lot of books per year!) because I have a lot of books! I am one of those bibliophiles who has to own a book. Yes I use the local library, but generally for DVD's and research. I sometimes try to hold myself back from buying a book on the spot, but I usually only last a few days, maybe a week maximum, before I have to purchase. (I can hear you groaning Mum!!) So without any further ado, here are the first three books, for the inaugural,

Bookshelf Tuesday

Something Old: Le monde de Lea: Patchwork & Broderies by Lea Stansal. ISBN270060346

The book itself is not particularly old, it was published in 2004. I purchased it last year on our trip to France even though my French is below basic! However, the photos within are so beautiful that I am constantly pulling it out to look at. I haven't actually made anything from it yet, but the patterns' look fairly self explanatory (and I'm into 'winging it'!). Here are just a few examples, even though I was tempted to show the whole book.

Something New: and so to bed...by Lucinda Guy. ISBN 9781570763298

This book only arrived on my doorstep this morning, and I am so in love. Once again, there are so many things I want to make, and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Once again, I wanted to show everything, but I've limited myself to the following - it was hard!

P.s. if you love Lucinda Guy and missed yesterday's post, you may want to flick back because there's a link to a free pattern for her Snoozy Owl.

Something Borrowed: Doll Houses by Karin Kelly. ISBN0822508540
This very cute little book, which you may have noticed only cost me 60 cents! is actually a very concise craft book for building and furnishing your own doll house. Okay, I haven't got around to making anything from this one yet either, but I am sure that there will be a time when Miss L will be very keen. The pictures are sparse but with intro's like this "Every one of us seems to want to make a home life that we ca control and organize ourselves. And a doll house is a perfect and beautiful home. We can build it, put furniture in it, and run it as we like." it was a must to have!

Well I hope you enjoyed Bookshelf Tuesday, normal(?!) posting will resume tomorrow...


capello said...

I love books. Obviously, I don't continue to get as many as you do now but I still appreciate them (and how I wish I had the funds to do so!).

Lovely books. Lots of inspiration there.

carolyn said...

oh, I love the idea!
maybe I'll join you next tuesday!

how fun :)

le chat qui coud said...

lucinda have great knitting books! i have "tricot à gogo" and i dind't know this one.... seems to be great too!

Snowbear said...

those books look like a great addition to any collection!

if you are feeling nostalgic