Friday, June 27


Ok I have to admit that we've been back for a week now and I haven't blogged yet because really I'm just going to show what "princesses" us Whizzme's really are! Because we have all had the sulks since we've been back.  Fiji was so good, soooo good that we have been so utterly spoilt (Sitting by the pool, outside our room, sipping cocktails, reading books and magazines*, snoozing, eating) the whole clan is now having trouble adjusting back to the reality of our lives.  I know "woe is us" - NOT!

So, in an effort to slap snap myself out of this horrible self indulgent sulking I have started trying to catch up on a week's worth of blogosphere happenings. Boy have you guys been busy or what?! Many, many wonderful things being made, that I am itching to get to all my projects again. 
  • bean bag for Wally - has be the most complex patchwork bean bag cover anyone has ever considered making their dog!
  • continue hand sewing liberty patches for Miss Whizzme's quilt - only @ 150 to go!! 
  • recover the floor cushions - chosen the fabric - it's a start!
  • rowan exchange knitted socks - so far have only swatched the wool.
  • school uniform for Miss Whizzme's school's mascot doll - umm, found a pattern and knitted one tiny sock.
  • finish hand stitching two more hoodie's for etsy - pinned and ready to sew
  • break out Gocco for some trial runs - still sitting in box
  • fix holes in Mr Whizzme' socks - sitting in laundry basket
  • fix tags on Miss Whizzme's apron - sitting in laundry basket
  • fix cushion cover from Grandma - sitting in laundry basket
Hmm, you might see that list is getting a little out of hand again - ahh, variety, the spice of life!  

* For those who are interested these are the books I read while we were in Fiji:

Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
1 star
Found this book disappointing. I did not engage with the characters, in fact I loathed him and really willed myself to finish the story. His insensitivity to anything around him I found frustrating and really didn't want to waste my time with him! A quick read that I know many have loved, but I am not one of them! Sorry best friend!! 

The Good Parents by Joan London
5 stars
I loved this book. Read it on holiday in Fiji so was a quick but really absorbing read. Loved all the characters and the way the moved in and out of the story from past to present. Liked it being set in Australia too. Easy to read, heart warming.

The Gardens of the Dead by William Brodrick
4 stars
Bought in Fiji - a wonderfully fast paced, engaging read. Lots of wonderful characters, twists and complexity. sometimes maybe a little too much! 

and a truckload of magazines!!

Monday, June 9

can it really be true?

not only am I here back blogging again - thanks for sticking with me!, but finally, finally I updated the shop. I know, I can't believe it either!! Bluey above is sporting one of the beanies, suits him don't you think?! But go check it out, there are hoodie's, pants for children and bags for mummies too. There is still more in progress so I hope to update again in a few weeks, but feel free to shop right now. has been good to the Whizzme household, and well, really I'm back just in time to tell you that we are off (What AGAIN?!) to Fiji next week for a little family bonding and oh, you know we might just relax a bit too. I have my stack of books packed and a few crafty, easy to tote projects. Unfortunately it hasn't left a whole lot of room for anything else, I'm having to prioritize and well not one of my strong points! I know I can hear you all crying for me!! I'll try and send you a postcard!

But really, Thanks again for coming back - it means a lot. 

And if you came via the Living Creatively - HI! please drop a comment and say hello.

P.s. yes the photo is digitally enhanced!

Sunday, June 1

suffering from neglect

quietly she slips in the back door, past the unswept leaves and gathering dust. everything still looks the same, just sort of sad from the month of neglect it has endured. guiltily she backs slowly out, whispering, to nothing in particular, sorry... I promise I will be back soon, very soon....promise...