Monday, December 21

Win some Christmas Cheer

Here are the details for the Christmas Cheer competition. There are 2 prizes to win so there are 2 ways to enter, and you can enter in both. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me,
1. The best handmade gift you have ever received- and put goodies as your prize code word to win a Santa sack full of handmade goodness.
2. The story of your nightmare before Christmas craft story. Like that time you had to stay up all Christmas eve to finish all those presents because you promised everyone something handmade. Put stash as your prize code on your entry to win a Santa sack of crafting fun.

The more stories you have the more times you can enter! Just remember to put the prize code on your entry.

Entries close 31 December 2009. The winners will be announced 1 January 2010.

Good luck.

Monday, December 14

a little holiday cheer everyone?

Just popping in quickly to let you know that I will be running a little christmas competition. So check back here on Monday 21 Christmas for full details. There will be two prizes - a sack of handmade goodies and a sack of crafty stash goodies. Anyone can enter, so see you back here in 1 week. Spread the word....

p.s. comments are currently moderated due to some unsavoury suggestions!

Saturday, December 5

Excuse me

Hi we here at Whizzme (me and my bear!) are currently cleaning out our drawers and getting ready for spring err Christmas!