Friday, November 30

nothing ever goes to plan

It has been one of those weeks.  Everything happening at once, but nothing much being achieved.  Well actually that is the whizzme household most weeks!  Mr Whizzme's parents drove over from Adelaide to see Miss L's first school concert.  It was lovely, and for a little girl who last year was incredibly shy, this year she danced and sang with the rest of them.  Unfortunately not long after the end of the concert things began to go downhill, so that by the afternoon Miss L was having a major melt-down.  Tears, tantrums, yelling, throwing toys - apparently I have a diva in the making!  I hoping it is just a stage she is going through, as we had more such dramas today at school pick up.

I also attended my last 'scholarly learning' session for the PANDA counselling, as of next week it will be more hands on.  This is a little scary, but also exciting to be finally contributing something back.  I will miss meeting up with 4 other women to discuss and learn about the linking factor in our lives - depression.  It has been another chance to gain strength from a horrible part of my life.

All these goings on have meant that the Lounge Around Pants I have made recently ready for my etsy shop have only today been listed. Phew! nothing like being 5 days late.  Some of you have already responded to the wonderful write up these pants got.  If your little Princess likes to lounge around (and lets face it, who doesn't?!) please check out my new offerings in sizes 0-1 and 1-2 here.

Finally sneaking in at the very end of the month, is the November giveaway.  Thought I had forgotten didn't you?!  This month's winner will receive a pair of custom made Lounge Around Pants for their little Princess, with some added little goodies.  So go ahead, leave me a comment to be in the draw - you have until Monday.

Me - I'll be busy sewing up 8 nightdresses' by next Friday.  End of School for 2007.

Monday, November 19

Hot in the city

Swimming pool cake*
The weather is just all over the shop in Melbourne at the moment. Rain one minute, scorching hot the next.  It was hot over the weekend, so I kept putting off the Christmas present sewing I have to do and relabeling it - 'Do it Monday'.  Well today was a real scorcher, so I dithered about the house, sort of cleaning, sort of washing, sort of planning to do, sort of not accomplishing much before it was time to pick Miss L up.  I find it best on those days to use my best avoidance technique - we went to the pool after school until dinner time.  Aaaah now it's too late to start anything tonight! I guess if any of you had been wondering about my self given label in this blog's banner, there is the perfect example for you!

However, I do have something I prepared earlier - last school holidays in fact.  I made Miss L some capes for the dress up box (Wally the wonder dog was sporting one in a recent photo), and her friend Miss I joined us at the park one day to test them out.
Apparently they were great for flying, so I guess that means they pass the superhero test!

I could make you some promises about taking photo's this week about all the other things that have happened around here of late, but I'm afraid to let you all down - so instead, I'll just promise to try to take some photos.  I'll also try to get back into this blogging rhythm thing again - or maybe I won't and then I'll just blame it on the heat....

* P.s. This wonderful cake was made by my sister, just so she doesn't think I'm taking the credit!

Tuesday, November 13

40 years

The whizzme clan have once again been away, this time in Adelaide to celebrate my Mum and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Spending time with family is always good for the heart and soul.  Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about Linda's interview in the previous post.  Regular posting will (fingers crossed) resumed shortly....

Thursday, November 1

not your average joe blogger...

Wally, the not so average dog

I decided a while ago that I wanted to get to know some of the people that stop by here.  I'm often seeing interviews with some of the 'celebrity' crafty bloggers like Wee Wonderfuls, Posie, Nikkishell,  Angry Chicken.  They are inspirational and I love reading about them but, not all of us are having are doors beaten down wanting to know our secrets.  So, here is the first interview with your not so average joe blogger.....

Oh but first of course we have a winner:
David and Melissa
(email me your snail mail to receive your prize: whizzme (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au)

Now please read on and meet Linda from Two Pink Possums;

1. Where did your blog name come from? 

I wrote down blog names for weeks in my journal. I knew it would just click when it was the right one! I had possums and pixies in my mind and I have always called my girls "possum" especially when they were little so that seemed natural to use. Of course I have 2 girls so it was Two and because they are girls I added the 'pink" and finally I was happy!

2. What inspires you to blog?

Other bloggers inspire me to blog. Sometimes I don't feel too good and not up to my own blog but I get a lot of enjoyment out of catching up on the blogs of people I have come to know as my online friends. I also like to think of my blog as my online journal and that inspires me to make work either 2d or 3d. It's like a little bit of pressure on myself to keep creating even if I am not well.

3. How often do you read other blogs?

How often I read other blogs really differs from week to week. Sometimes it may be nearly a week and I haven't had a chance or felt like being on the computer so suddenly I feel like it (or have the time)and I am flat out trying to catch up on them all. Other times I try to look at a couple each day. That is ideally the best way for me to do it. I also try to catch up on Flickr as well. I find Flickr is a wonderful online community too.

4. If you could only read one blog, which one would you choose?

If I could only read one blog it would have to be Cindy's 2Paw (the link is fixed thanks de vliegende koe) Cindy is such an entertaining writer. Her blog is always so much fun to read and she is a wonderful knitter too. I love to see her latest creations especially her socks! As you know Sam, knitting socks is something I have down for my next life!!! Cindy lives in Tassie too so it's nice to share that as well as blogging.

5. What's your favourite crafting tool?

My one favourite crafting tool would have to be....??????? very hard to answer. I have stuff everywhere that I couldn't live without, but I would have to say my sewing machine.

6. If you could have your dream job tomorrow, what would it be?

My dream job once would of been a Graphic Artist. That is what I first studied to do a very long time ago, but gave it up after a year. More recently I studied art again majoring in Ceramics and all I wanted was to be able to earn money from it. I had to give that up in the end (after graduating) for health reasons. So now my ideal job would just to be doing exactly what
I am doing now, sewing and drawing and painting when I can but actually get paid for it!! How wonderful that would be!!

How wonderful indeed - my dream too Linda.  A big thanks for being the first interviewee.  I hope you enjoyed meeting Linda.  I plan to have more interviews, maybe one or two a month. 
Now better get ready, off to learn more about counselling.