Wednesday, December 17

sometimes you stumble on things that make you smile

The photo is from the artist's web site: Because Studio.
Which is the freelance graphic design practice of Loz Ives, a young chap from the north of england with a keen eye for detail and a passion for simplicity and relevance within his work. So far this is a limited edition 1 of 1.
It was just the smile I needed today.*
*thanks Philip

Sunday, December 7


to my new craft room, in my new house.  Hallelujah!  Finally the Whizzme clan are enjoying extra space, gardening, shady trees, new discoveries.  I'm not enjoying the frigging mess that now can be spread further in a bigger house by everyone else in the clan, however, the smiles on all our faces, including Wally the wonder dog is worth it.  (Well, nearly!).  

At this stage only a third of the packing is done, and here you can see the real state of my craft space! 
But at the moment the joy of having a room all of my own (I'm trying to ignore the boxes of shed stuff waiting for the shed to be built) means I can take my time about sorting out what will go where.  Funnily having this room has in fact made me more disorganised (if that is possible) as I unearth half finished projects and recommence, but then get side tracked with reorganising the magazines, to only find a project I had bookmarked to do, so I set off on a hunt for materials which leads to forgotten treasures being discovered, which...  The problem has reached a crisis point and with only five nights(5 nights!!) left to finish school Christmas presents I have decided to have a very stern word with myself and plan this weeks crafting. 

Hmm, I'll let you know how it goes...

Sunday, November 2

A witchy dress pattern

I know I had said come back Saturday, but my Illustrator skills are not as good as some, and well a few champagnes and time just gets away from you.  Just save the image above to your computer for the pattern.  I used my overlocker to sew the whole outfit, in less than 1 hour.  The costume possibilities are endless, but please don't tell Miss Whizzme I said so!

I'll have the other promised pattern up soon.  Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, October 29

for the want of a title

I figure you are probably pretty sick of hearing about the whizzme clan moving into their new abode - like get in there already!! But for us the date is fast approaching and organising all paperwork, inspections, packing, logistics seems to take up all my time at the moment. Boring for us both really. I did manage a quick bit of sewing on the weekend - and I mean quick - quick as you can put your foot on the pedal witch's dress for a halloween party (pictures later this week, after its second outing for trick or treating friday night). And a dress for myself (hello wonderful sewing girls - another great get-together). This too was the "sew quick I even amazed myself it worked" category of sewing, but again I haven't got to taking any pictures yet. Both sewing projects will come with a quick recipe so you can make them yourself - if you feel so inclined! Check back here on Saturday for the Whizzme sewing like a demon projects :)

Until then, did you know Amy Butler is coming to town (well, Melbourne and Sydney) for one night only? I don't know if I can make it - damn.  And this Saturday the Elwood Market is on again - if the weather stays like today it will be a superb place to be having a browse and a coffee. If you are far more organised than I ever will be and want to have a stall, contact my lovely friend Cam Sunshine via the contact details on their website. Tell her Sam sent you!

Before I go Miss Whizzme has had something even more exciting than moving happen in the past week - the first tooth is gone.  Lisping has begun, and wiggling of all other teeth has also commenced!  I think the photo above shows you just how much excitement this event was met with!

Now I'm back to the mighty moving list and leaving the rest of you to enjoy the beautiful day. See you back here Saturday for some craftiness. Finally!

Saturday, October 18

Moving on

Moving on, originally uploaded by whizzme.

yes the house is sold and in 30 days the Whizzme clan will be moving on. Currently the relief is far out weighing the excitement, but we can't wait to embrace new surroundings. With no more weekends of open inspections to endure it would be a grand time to break out the crafting. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather this weekend finds me in bed with bronchits while the rest of the clan enjoys some social freedom again. Even Wally the wonder dog has abandoned me for a playdate with his pooch girlfriend. I am consolling my sorry self with mulling over how to best set up the new craft room. So don't stay inside moping with me. Get outside. Enjoy this glorious weather. Have a champers for me darling.

Saturday, October 11

nothing much

hmmm, time seems to really get away from me when it comes to this little blog. I have very slowly been catching up with posts in bloglines, but still have many more to read. I have also been doing some crafting, and there is progress finally happening on Lucy's Ripple Blanket (on ravelry). After telling Martine that I could quite happily randomly pull the next colour out of the basket and continue, I realised that in fact some colours were not making me feel comfortable. Martine you were right, I can't live with it, so it was frogged back and I have culled all the offending colours from the basket. Still a little bit of randomness albeit controlled randomness! 

Thankfully this week saw Miss Whizzme return to school. The poor little chicken is finding it hard to cope with all the changes at home, changes at her school (they are renovating) and continually being sick it is quite a lot for a 6 year old to handle. I have tried to remind myself of this fact, as sometimes the princess behaviour that is being dolled out is quite testing for a 38 year old mother!

This week has also seen the Whizzme clan camping out at a friend's place while she suns her butt in the north. It has been a joy to not have vacuum every day and pretend you live in a Vogue Living photo shoot. Lounging on the couch with champagne and chocolate watching foxtel is way more my style! Unfortunately though they come home tonight, so back to pretending we never make mess.

I guess really that's it. Not much of substance, but I can tell you there is a whole lot of emotion involved! And because I had no photo's of my own to share with you, the mosaic above is some favourites this week from flickr. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 23


The house is ready, photos have been taking - now we wait for a buyer.

We are all exhausted from the effort of reducing the Whizzme clan's love of hoarding to bare necessities. I feel like we are in some reality TV challenge to see how long we can last. It shall be interesting. Miss Whizzme is ill and at the moment does not care that she has only 6 toys and a handful of books left to play with. I on the other hand, despite my various aches and injuries(as above*) cannot wait to once again let my hands do some craftiness. I might even be able to get back into the swing of regular posts and blog reading. I have quite a library of posts to catch up on what all of you have been up to. But for now I must be off to work. Feel free to take a sticky beak at our house.

*thought having aching limbs, sore hands from cleaning was enough but managed to whack my head on the corner of some furniture just before the photographer turned up!

Friday, September 12


is being made on all fronts.  We have boxed, and boxed, and boxed until the house is now bare essentials.  I always admire people who have the minimalist look, but I just don't know how they do it.  I am already missing my books and fabrics.  There is no eye candy to tempt me with, and no inspiration to catch my interest.  This said progress is being made and I am getting some other projects finished, slowly promised items are finding their way to new owners.  Currently the Whizzme clan are holidaying at a (more than generous) friends house while said friends are away.  In our absence the house is being primped and (hopefully) we will be shooting photos next Friday.

Miss Whizzme has coped amazingly well with all this upheaval, and even dealt well with being told she could have only a handful of toys and books left unpacked*.  Wally on the other hand is very out of sorts and has been sticking closely to me - I think he is afraid he might get packed next!
Finally, it wouldn't be right if I wasn't starting another project!  A short trip to Spotlight with Miss Whizzme after school, and we are now creating our own set of round wooden place mats.  I couldn't find the paints in our friends house so we are using some beautiful Aquarelles.  That is my place mat progress pictured.  Should keep as busy for a short while now school holidays have begun for us too.  I hope you are all enjoying the warm wind of change here in Melbourne, and thank you for all your warm wishes on our house purchase.  Now, Miss Whizzme is calling me to her cafe'.  I hope there are milkshakes on the menu...

*Which is more than can be said for the sulkiness her mother has inflicted on others because of all her toys and books being packed away!!

Thursday, August 28

Celebrating while decluttering

The Whizzme clan are celebrating big time - we bought our new house!  The relief is wonderful, but the reality of now having to sell the house we are in is very rude.  Agents talk a lot about de-cluttering for open inspections - for us they talk about moving out!  All my china displays, mementos, books and artworks are slowly being carefully packed away for storage.  Mr Whizzme can be heard quietly cursing the fact we have so many books in the house, so it is lucky he hasn't seen the piles of fabric yet.  Ms Quilt has offered to have my craft books, which I have jumped at, as it will mean I can still get to them if the need arises.  She also told me of a girl she knew who labeled her boxes of fabrics books - but we agreed this wasn't going to help in my situation. Any suggestions?  All this means that the rush is on to get our house ready in 4 weeks for sale.  Arrgh!  To keep myself motivated I look a photo's of the room that will be mine for crafting. Bliss.

That's it there on the end.

Monday, August 18

Well I never

Edited to add - BHG pattern available here

I know can you believe it? finally a crafting post.  There has been a severe lack of crafting on this little blog for quite a while now.  Not that there hasn't been any crafting going on - there has.  It is just that projects are in various stages of abandonment progress!  But finally, I have one to show you.  As you can see from the photo, the recipient of this project is very happy with the outcome! and he had no complaints about the fact that it has taken over 3 months for me to finish it.  Maybe Wally figured that with all the comments Mr Whizzme threw my way about it being "just a bloody dog bean bag" he didn't need to weigh in.  But I stand by my argument that if we have to live with it in our lounge room, it can at least be nice to look at.  This project is loosely* based on the pattern from the Better Homes and Gardens, 1 2 3 Sew book - which is where I was first inspired to have Wally lounging on something more in keeping with our home than an old blanket.  It was always a great way to use up scraps that I have been hoarding, and even the inner bag (yes the cover comes off so I can wash it - clever!!) is made from an old flannel sheet.  

I will try to share more projects as they are finished, but if you thought my posting had been rather haphazard of late, it is only going to get worse.  The Whizzme clan have decided that enough is enough and we are putting our house on the market.  The fact that we have fallen in love with another larger, more family friendly house has literally fired as up - to the point where I am thinking of stalking anyone else who may be interested!  So here we go on an emotional roller-coaster. Please excuse the haphazardness that this blog is afflicted with, but fingers crossed, I will be telling you about my new crafting room soon.

* The dog bean bag pattern in the book, is made up of a very simple patchwork pattern of large squares and triangles.  I wanted to use up bits of fabric I already had, so sewed them randomly together to form to larger pieces of fabric that I then cut the required two circles from.  The side is just one long strip of rectangle strips pieced together.  I then used a small zip on the inner bag, and a much larger one for the outer bag, so we don't have to struggle getting the cover on and off.

Sunday, August 10


(photo by melvelez on flickr)
That's what you get when a group of mums go away together - blissful silence.  I think it is the complete but unsaid knowledge that talking can be kept to a minimum without anyone being offended!  Two days without, "mum can I?", "mum can you?", "mum I need you", "mum where's the?" is like a week's worth of a luxury spa retreat - in fact it might be even be worth more than that.  Then there are the added extra's of being able to make breakfast for one, reading the newspaper, having a leisurely shower, doing your toe nails without having to keep everything out the way of little fingers, eating dinner - sitting down - from start to finish, going to the toilet on your own, sleeping in, reading your book until late into the night, sleeping in, not having the kids shows on, not having someone flick through all the TV channels, not even having to have the TV on!  Of course there is then the social outings that mean you can wander in the really expensive shops without having to grab things before they hit the floor, or be continually saying "don't touch that", or "just a minute", or "mummy just wants to look at this".  Browsing is such a luxury event when mums no longer have kids in tow.  And can be combined with enjoying a take away coffee without having to buy all the extra's to keep everyone else quiet so you can at least down it before it gets cold. 

Not having to share the chocolate. 

The rest of the Whizzme clan have been visiting Adelaide, and so I am quickly posting this before the silence is broken.  But don't get me wrong, as much as I have loved these last two days spending time with 'the girls', drinking wine, gossiping, watching movies, reading mags.  I cannot wait to see my family.  Even just two days absence, I have missed people telling me they "love me" and wanting hugs.  I have missed hearing their new ideas and experiences from their day.  And I missed having someone cuddle into me, knowing it is a safe place to be - with mum.  But I know that by tomorrow morning the spell will have broken and the routine will return, so, excuse me while I go and just soak in those last few moments of silence.

Friday, August 1

Wednesday, July 30

running away

Everything is running away at the moment, time, days, projects, deadlines, ok really it all comes back to time. No matter how organised I think I am I seem to be forever running to catch up.By Sunday nighI had got myself into such a state I had to sit down and draw up a massive planner with all my due dates, appointments, work etc.  Phew! it is pasted to the window next to my beloved imac, and is scaring the bejezus out of me!! I must learn not to say yes to everything! well at least not before checking my schedule.  In short this is why I haven't responded to your lovely emails and comments, and haven't dropped by to say hello (boy you guys all write alot!!).  However, this post is not about boring you with my inefficient time management skills.  Once again the whizzme clan have been taking in some sights.

Last week Mum was over (the mother who lovingly finishes my knitting projects for me) again.  Mother whizzme, Miss whizzme and myself went to Bendigo for two nights so we could once again visit the wonderful Sheep and Wool Show that the town hosts each year.  This show never disappoints, and if you have never made the trip and love yarn, I would suggest booking it in for next year.  I was restrained in my purchases this year, but still enjoyed the wonderful colours and creations and textures on show.  That ol' sheep has got the right idea. Miss Whizzme enjoyed the nursery farm - for about 2 straight hours!  On the way home we also stopped into Kyneton, a lovely town with some great shops, and a yarn store of its own.

Mum came supplied with the Sarah Dallas wrap cardigan knitted ready for sewing up - and it looks lovely so far.  It meant confessing to the fact that I had not yet sewn up last years cardigan, and was thoroughly falling down on my part of the bargain. Enough said!

I luckily received one of RicRac's wonderful little birdcages - they are so adorable, he is hanging here now keeping me company - thanks Jodie.

Meanwhile, I am slowly finishing my mockery socks (boy are they aptly named - they mock me every day!), trying to ignore the morning surf scarf (on ravelry) I started in Bendigo and attempting to squeeze in a quick gift making session for a new baby.  Most mornings however, I can be found rushing Miss Whizzme to school while brushing my hair, knitting a few rows at traffic lights and wondering how I managed to put my top on inside out again!

Tuesday, July 22

you never know

you never know, originally uploaded by whizzme.

where some of the best feet might turn up!!
Bandaids are the latest, darlink!

Really I have lots to show and tell but can't get my act into gear, so this will do for now. Want to try it? have fun

Thursday, July 17

a link to double my chances!

image from blog - original artwork and photography

Very selfish of me, and it will sound very insincere now, but I would have told you about this gorgeous artist regardless of her running a competition, no really!

However, I am besotted with her fantastic effiel tower paper art that is currently up for grabs, so anything to help me win. The bonus of course, is not only do you now get to see this fabulous artist, but you too can enter. There are 3 original artworks she is giving away. A big thank you to Amy Karol for providing this link via her venus zine article. If we miss out it's lucky she has an etsy store too!

Meanwhile, the boring stuff is that I am steadily working away at the list of projects, rejoicing that school holidays are over so I can have some quiet time - literally - geez Miss Whizzme can talk!, and doing some extra work at PANDA. So no surprises that the dishes still aren't done, the washing is done but now covers the dining room table waiting to be put away and Miss Whizzme & I are having a stand-off about cleaning her room. Everything back to normal!
And the book sale is still on.... more books still to be uploaded, and coming soon my destash fabric sale.

Sunday, July 6

book sale time

Updated: I have added more craft books and even some japanese craft magazines.

well now that you are well and truly sick of hearing me moan about my princess ways, I have decided to entice you with a book sale.  I have decided to cull my rather large craft book stash, and at the same time earn some money for my New York* spending fund.  So go take a look in my etsy shop.  There are several craft areas - knitting, quilting, sewing and even some japanese craft books.  I have only managed to upload a third of the pile, so keep checking back.

And here's the sweetner, if you buy any extra items after your first book from the shop you pay no more shipping. So the more you buy the more you save! 

Meanwhile, I am putting together a Pirate birthday party for a riot of 3 year olds.  Walk the plank, finding buried treasure, making hats and telescopes - let the riot begin!!  Surprisingly someone is paying me for this service - maybe a new job outlook?  hmm, will see how I feel after the party.  

Hope you all have a good week and don't forget to grab a bargain!

*I know you are all heartily sick of hearing about the whizzme clans holidays, but we are going to New York at the end of this year - spending money is crucial!!  I'm thinking of having a fabric sale next - so keep your eyes peeled!!

Friday, June 27


Ok I have to admit that we've been back for a week now and I haven't blogged yet because really I'm just going to show what "princesses" us Whizzme's really are! Because we have all had the sulks since we've been back.  Fiji was so good, soooo good that we have been so utterly spoilt (Sitting by the pool, outside our room, sipping cocktails, reading books and magazines*, snoozing, eating) the whole clan is now having trouble adjusting back to the reality of our lives.  I know "woe is us" - NOT!

So, in an effort to slap snap myself out of this horrible self indulgent sulking I have started trying to catch up on a week's worth of blogosphere happenings. Boy have you guys been busy or what?! Many, many wonderful things being made, that I am itching to get to all my projects again. 
  • bean bag for Wally - has be the most complex patchwork bean bag cover anyone has ever considered making their dog!
  • continue hand sewing liberty patches for Miss Whizzme's quilt - only @ 150 to go!! 
  • recover the floor cushions - chosen the fabric - it's a start!
  • rowan exchange knitted socks - so far have only swatched the wool.
  • school uniform for Miss Whizzme's school's mascot doll - umm, found a pattern and knitted one tiny sock.
  • finish hand stitching two more hoodie's for etsy - pinned and ready to sew
  • break out Gocco for some trial runs - still sitting in box
  • fix holes in Mr Whizzme' socks - sitting in laundry basket
  • fix tags on Miss Whizzme's apron - sitting in laundry basket
  • fix cushion cover from Grandma - sitting in laundry basket
Hmm, you might see that list is getting a little out of hand again - ahh, variety, the spice of life!  

* For those who are interested these are the books I read while we were in Fiji:

Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
1 star
Found this book disappointing. I did not engage with the characters, in fact I loathed him and really willed myself to finish the story. His insensitivity to anything around him I found frustrating and really didn't want to waste my time with him! A quick read that I know many have loved, but I am not one of them! Sorry best friend!! 

The Good Parents by Joan London
5 stars
I loved this book. Read it on holiday in Fiji so was a quick but really absorbing read. Loved all the characters and the way the moved in and out of the story from past to present. Liked it being set in Australia too. Easy to read, heart warming.

The Gardens of the Dead by William Brodrick
4 stars
Bought in Fiji - a wonderfully fast paced, engaging read. Lots of wonderful characters, twists and complexity. sometimes maybe a little too much! 

and a truckload of magazines!!

Monday, June 9

can it really be true?

not only am I here back blogging again - thanks for sticking with me!, but finally, finally I updated the shop. I know, I can't believe it either!! Bluey above is sporting one of the beanies, suits him don't you think?! But go check it out, there are hoodie's, pants for children and bags for mummies too. There is still more in progress so I hope to update again in a few weeks, but feel free to shop right now. has been good to the Whizzme household, and well, really I'm back just in time to tell you that we are off (What AGAIN?!) to Fiji next week for a little family bonding and oh, you know we might just relax a bit too. I have my stack of books packed and a few crafty, easy to tote projects. Unfortunately it hasn't left a whole lot of room for anything else, I'm having to prioritize and well not one of my strong points! I know I can hear you all crying for me!! I'll try and send you a postcard!

But really, Thanks again for coming back - it means a lot. 

And if you came via the Living Creatively - HI! please drop a comment and say hello.

P.s. yes the photo is digitally enhanced!

Sunday, June 1

suffering from neglect

quietly she slips in the back door, past the unswept leaves and gathering dust. everything still looks the same, just sort of sad from the month of neglect it has endured. guiltily she backs slowly out, whispering, to nothing in particular, sorry... I promise I will be back soon, very soon....promise...

Thursday, May 1

Taking time out*

Taking time out, originally uploaded by whizzme.

coffee with friends, cleaning out cupboards, long weekend in daylesford with best friend, playing monopoly with Miss Whizzme, reading the real paper (not the online headlines!), sewing, drawing.....

*I hadn't planned on taking a break from blogging, but sometimes life just takes its own course. So I am happily following along, waiting to see where it takes me. But I will be back soon with new stock for my neglected little etsy store.

Monday, April 21

doing some mending

I have been slowly restoring my spirit with some mending both physically and metaphorically.  Mr Whizzme and I are taking quite a while to get over a respective ills and feel like an old couple in their retirement, shuffling around the house in comfy clothes, ugg boots, cups of tea.  I furthered this image by being regularly found in my favourite chair applying patches to jeans, embellishments to tops, darning socks and tights.
 For quite a while now I have had a growing pile of clothing that is too dear for one of us to part with, but needs some form of repair.  This pile has been my crafting solace over the past week, as my jelly head wants something simple to focus on, and my body has been rickety and slow in movement.  

Last night I had finally worked my way through the pile.  Today now there is more of a lightness in the Whizzme household, like emerging from hibernation.  Excitement that favourite clothes are now wearable again, relief that the jelly seems to finally have melted.

I can focus on a mother's daily chores tasks.  Actually now that I put it like that I'm not sure what I am so relieved about - washing, cleaning, organising.  However, a week of mending has also meant plenty of time for inspiration, idea generation and plotting, so it must also be time to start a new project then...

Thursday, April 10

here's one I prepared earlier

There is little to show, in fact I am really just here to tell you that.  Mr Whizzme and I are both home nursing ourselves through colds and infections, and generally getting on each others nerves. Him with his cough, cough, coughing, his this hurts, that hurts, and me, well actually I'm a pretty good patient!  Miss Whizzme is still riding on a high from her 6th birthday last weekend, (Little sis I uploaded the photos here!).  The party did go very well, and the Butterfly lady was fantastic.  Finally I can stop dreaming about beetles, bugs and butterflies.  But as there has been a lack of craftiness to show of late, I thought I would whip out this little item I made a while ago. 

The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Laundry Bag.
Take one thrifted pillowcase. Cut off the small flap of fabric in the pillowcase opening - divide in half to make two fabric ties. Make a slit a small way down from the pillowcase opening, wide enough for children to thrust large amounts of dirty clothes.  Sew around slit edge to stop fraying. Sew pillowcase opening shut, enclosing the two ties.  Tie to end of bed and alert child of its use.  Ta da.
The only trouble is it doesn't wash the large amount of clothes it holds. Bugger!

Apart from head a feeling like jelly, I am preparing myself for some more training this weekend.  Lucky I have a friend to do it with, and for support. There is also another friend who has been sewing, printing and creating up a frenzy of new goods...phew she makes me tired!

Monday, April 7

dispelling the myth

It has been quite humorous to hear from some of you about how I must have extra hours available to me because we seem to do so much. Ha! I am surprised you couldn't hear my mother laughing heartily at that suggestion!  For one thing; it is quite well known that I enjoy my sleep, specially in the morning.  I prefer to stay up late and watch crappy tv while I fluff around doing god knows what and then grumble that I have to rise before 9.  The other thing is, well, it all boils down to priorities.  This picture of our dining table, or should I say the table previously known as the dining table should enlighten you.
You see it became quite clear to me on the first day of school holidays (which also happened to be Good Friday) that having Mr Whizzme and Miss Whizzme at home together for days on end was only going to produce a riot of chaos.  My choice? fight it or ignore it.  I chose to ignore it.  There have been days when I have severely regretted this decision.  

I am happy to admit that I am quite the clutter queen with my collections of china and books and knick knacky things, but I do like them to be in. their. place.  I am a what I like to refer to as a pack stylist.  I live by packs.  Packs mean that things can be found - no matter what the occasion. Take my hand bag for example (I use this example as this seems to be quite the in thing in the blog world of late!)
Packs. Emergency pack, pack of wipes, pack of tissues, pack of pencils, small pack with meter change.  Easy to find.

Another example is the boot of my car:
Again packs. Medical pack, art pack, swimming pack, towel pack, shopping pack, beach pack, rain jacket pack*.  I'm sure you are getting the picture.

Anyway, back to the ignoring the chaos challenge.  By the end of Easter I was seriously fighting my urge to pack things away, but I held firm.  Well, I reasoned, Miss Whizzme and I were going to be away for a week anyway, it could wait.  Of course leaving a husband alone in a home with no supervision is just asking for trouble!  And then, we returned with a 5 day count down to Miss Whizzme's birthday party.  Therefore, I must confess that I then not only ignored the mess, I added quite liberally to it.  So, while maybe we might have benefited from having somewhere comfortable to eat our meals, and it would be nice not to have to leap over the washing to get into bed at night, overall I have really, really enjoyed these holidays.  

Tomorrow though, I clean!

Psst! if you want further details click on the photos to see the notes in flickr.

*sometimes the car boot also has an extra

Wednesday, April 2


yes it has been a while.  So long in fact, that catching you up with all that has been entertaining the whizzme household of late would be overwhelming to have in one post, so here is just a snapshot.

  • Finally cutting into the Liberty, after inspiration from here.
  • Easter at home: family painting on Good Friday, eating well, lamb roast on Sunday, Ravelry, Miss Whizzme making her own softie, catching up with an old friend on Easter Monday.
  • Panda: counseling, and finally a survey online for those of you who have used Panda before.
  • Down the coast with some friends: time spent drawing, gossiping, eating well, trampolining, more drawing, making sock puppets, laughing, more drawing, a little crochet.
  • Back home: cleaning up the chaos, making items for Miss Whizzme's party, uploading, washing, reminiscing.

Once the newly turned 6 year old returns to school next week I am hoping that posting will resume on a more regular basis.  Well anyway, the best laid plans and all that....

Monday, March 17

it's another party and I'll cry if I want to...

Miss Whizzme had four, yes 4, birthday parties on the weekend.  Three of them were on Saturday, so we went from fairies, to disco and then appropriately pyjama's and there hadn't yet been a tear from her.  Mr Whizzme and I however, were feeling a little shattered.  Then Sunday we attended the much talked about party for a certain girl who will should be cast in the next High School Musical.  This was a little more relaxing (for me), and involved a good dose of gossip, party games, party food and air-conditioning.  There's nothing like having a sweltering weekend of birthday parties to bring parents to their knees!  Miss Whizzme breezed through on a sugar loaded, party induced high.  I'm still waiting for the crash....

I also managed to draaaag myself away from Ravelry to get washing done, stuff put away and Miss Whizzme's own party invitations prepared and posted.  It is lucky really that she is the only one with a social life in this house otherwise we would need a social coordinator. Hope you all had a good weekend. Off to take some photos....

Friday, March 14

new obsessions

I went to bed way too late last night....

Not that going to bed late doesn't happen often, but this was really late!  You see this week I finally got my Ravelry account and thanks to Sylvie I now am on Goodreads too.  This has meant that all my spare time (and more) has been spent sitting at my beloved mac.  My eyes are on stalks, my skin is sallow, my brain is fuzzy and I really should have been doing;
  • Miss Whizzme's birthday invitations
  • Contacting the plumber
  • Putting the washing away
  • Photographing the clothes for eBay
  • Photographing the new stock for etsy
  • Putting away all the stuff covering the dining table
  • Writing my Easter cards
  • Mending my summer dress
  • Finishing the ironing
  • Buying some groceries
  • the list could go on, and on, and on

Wednesday, March 5

busy work

I have been spending a lot of time with busy work. You know - that work you do when you are studiously avoiding doing something else you should be doing?! Busy work is actually one of my core skills, and I like to show off this skill all to readily. So, most of the weekend was spent busy working all my craft related stuff that has been scattered throughout the house, into neat, like-with-like containers.  All sewing needles in one box, all embroidery thread in another, bobbin's in the nifty bobbin holder,  sewing machine bits in a special sewing machine bits box. It is such a cleansing process, and most certainly needed to be done. I mean, it was way more important than those things burning permanently into my to do list. Way more.

Last night it was the books in the house turn.  Of course I started this task at 8.30pm. But now all the knitting books are together, the sewing books are together, the quilting books together, well, you get the idea.  When I had finally finished, even I had to admit that there probably weren't too many books left that I still needed to add to my collection. Phew luckily, I hadn't admitted this out loud.  Because today the post man delivered this little hoard which I had quite forgotten about.  
Still a few spare spaces left to squeeze them into.  

Now onto making some skirts, oh the possibilities Alison has given me...
To do list? What to do list?!

Sunday, March 2

look what's making a comeback


for those of you in the northern hemisphere you may have had one of these kits made for you, I have only read about how wonderful these ready to make children's clothes were. And, now they are coming back, with a new contemporary feel.

As their web site explains each kit comes with:
"All the cutting lines are printed directly on the fabric, so all you have to do is choose your size, then cut out the appropriate pieces.
Thread, buttons and any other haberdashery are all included.
All you need is a sewing machine and enthusiasm!
Kits can be put together by both the beginner and experienced stitcher alike.
All our kits come with simple, step-by-step illustrated instructions to guide you through the process.
You will soon also be able to download duplicate instructions here.
Part of our work-in-progress is developing an online video library that has quick films demonstrating tips and techniques. Please check back soon, or join our e-letter to be updated of news."

Russian Doll Dress by Annabel Waterman is divine, and the design is meant to be coloured by the child themselves. However, I'm waiting for the adult skirt with Rob Ryan's touch

If you still want to know more Joelle from Four Corners went to the launch.

Thursday, February 28

trying not to gloat...

more of my op shopping delights over at I op therefore I am....

Monday, February 25

not all talk

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fd's Flickr Toys.

I have promised for over a month now to show the crafting that went on during the summer holidays, and at last I am making good.  Miss Whizzme is home from school today with a slight fever.  This means a lot of colouring in, watching Charlie & Lola and eating cinnamon toast.  It also means that I have been able to finally organise and upload all our holiday picks - phew what a task. You can click on the links to see further details of each project. See, I'm not all talk! sometimes I even get stuff done.

If you are not interested in crafty things, then maybe you might want to check out my summer op shop finds.  Or maybe you would just like to see how good a dog's life can be....

Saturday, February 16

another not so average joe blogger

you may remember towards the end of last year, I posted an interview with Linda of Two Pink Possums.  This year I am continuing this series and my first interviewee is Carolyn from Comfy & Cosy a blog I have been reading for quite a while now, and always admiring her op shop finds.  So get to know her a little bit more;

1. Where did your blog name come from?
We use the words comfy and cosy often in our house: it’s to be warm (or cool!), safe and content, doing something or nothing, with someone or thinking of someone, feeling good to be home. I also think of it as Me and Him together, the two of us: old comfy and cosy.

2. What inspires you to blog?
Other bloggers! I’m so inspired by the collections and creativity shown on by people on their blogs. At first it was the big bloggers, as I think of them, like Loobylu , Nikki-Shell , Angry Chicken , Hop Skip Jump , 62Cherry and Aunty Cookie.

The amazing Australian and NZ community of bloggers inspires me (just look at my blogroll!). There are so many people with similar interests and collections that we can connect on.

In my neck of the woods, I like to blog about my op-shop finds, the fabric and buttons (oh the buttons!) and books I pick up along the way. I slip in the occasion bit of knitting or embroidery (oh so occasional!).

3. How often do you read other blogs?
I read blogs every day. I sometimes get a little fixated and the blog reading becomes an obsession. But I can also let go and my bloglines show all the catching up I have to do. I always read my Aus/NZ bloglines first and for some reason
Ask Moxie  (not very craft-related!).

4. If you could only read one blog, which one would you choose?
That’s far too hard to answer but I really, really like
Muppinstuff for her wonderful photos, creativity and her wonderful ability to write about day to day life.

5. What's your favourite crafting tool?
Buttons! (Are buttons a tool?)

6. If you could have your dream job tomorrow, what would it be?
I think I’d like to sell fabric. And buttons! An online and mail order shop: something where I could post out a newsletter. So maybe not all online after all. I’d like to combine the wonderful immediacy of the internet with the thrills of receiving newsletters and cards and parcels in the mail. I LOVE parcels, wrapping and addressing them, going to the post office: the whole process. So, something mail order, I think.

So please, go over and say hello to Carolyn.  She is celebrating her blogoversary and has a giveaway too.

And check out my first post at I Op therefore I Am.

*Note: the bangles were recently spotted in Husk at Albert Park.

if you are feeling nostalgic