Thursday, June 29

loving the postman

Miss L and I love to check the mail box each day, because there just might be a parcel which is always exciting, although there can be a debate about who will open it! (whose the grown-up?!) So the past week, the postman has been very nice to us, and lovely things have been delivered. Firstly, my magazines from Laura arrived,
along with some surprise goodies that were totally my thing. A really cute tissue holder (now in my handbag), some great fabrics and a new treat for us - sunflower seed candy! Plus three mags that have been my night time reading - just loving Adorn - what a great mag, and the cutting edge has some projects dying to be added to my to do list! Thanks so much Laura. (please go check out her blog for a good belly laugh too, she has a great sense of humour).

Then this gorgeous selection of wool felt arrived from Winterwood, along with some wool stuffing I ordered. I read about this local store on someone's blog - but can't remember who - but thank you.

Recently, I sent some squirrels to Yasmin, and she kindly sent me this lovely box of favourites in return. Thanks Yasmin for your research and knowing just what to send :) There was also a lady bird mask, but Miss L made off with it before I could get my hands on the camera. The box itself is completed covered in stamps, which is so cool.

So apart from sending warm fuzzies to the postman, I have managed to get some other things done (despite Miss L being on school holidays). A trip to the Buttonmania sale,
some more mini moopies made for baby presents, Amelia and Jemima. And a new little project I've been working on, since the Robe weekend. This is the first effort which is to go to my niece, Miss Z. I'm calling them pocket pals, for when you turn them belly up there is a little pocket to keep secret things in. I've even thought about putting a little crystal in there for good dreams. So, next maybe a ladybird, a frog, an elephant? (during the week, I then saw these too - what's that about great minds?!)

I was extremely lucky to receive this beautiful hand carved bone from my gorgeous sewing teacher, Judith. I haven't decided what to do with yet, I just keep playing with it! I'd like to tell you the story behind it, but my dreadful memory isn't being cooperative.

Only one day left of school holidays, yay how sad! We are having a day at home to draw and craft together to our hearts content , bliss!


Belinda said...

I just tee'd up with a friend to send me out adorn. I can't wait to get it now! The wool felt looks nice, I got them to send me up a catalogue after reading about them on soozs blog. I must place an order...

Ali said...

Lucky you - I'm wishing for Adorn in my package! And the felt looks great. Perfect for more pocket pals maybe? Such a cute idea.

capello said...

I'm so glad you like your package!

I'm loving your minimoopies and turtle!

Amanda said...

Ok, so now you have to give me another magazine to send you! I had your Adorn all packaged up, too. Bummer. Let me know if there's anything else you would like!!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

Oh please please please ! Can you tell me how you ordered these felt wool to Winterwood ??? Do you have their site address ?? (Sooz talked about them !) Hugs from Belgium !

if you are feeling nostalgic