Monday, June 19

promises and thank yous

I promised Mum I would post a photo of the gorgeous fairisle jacket she knitted Miss L when she was staying with us. The deal was that I would sew up and finish any edges (the bits Mum hates doing) if Mum did all the knitting. A great deal I thought. And it looks great on too.

If you're interested the pattern is something we made up from a combination of Lucinda Guy's* Jack Frost jacket found in this book, and the Jaeger fairisle cardigan 'Jenny' from this book. I prefer fancy edgings to plain old rib, and think the jacket looks better than another cardi. Miss L isn't too fond of doing buttons up anyway, so I decided we didn't really need them either. So thanks Mum, it's a winner!

I am also late posting about this lovely parcel of goodies I recieved from Soffia for the CC June Swap. The theme was aqua and orange.
You may recognise the glass pin that was my blue colour week photo. There was also a lovely matching bracelet, keyring and flower brooch. Thank you Soffia.

And finally, after a much needed long night's sleep, Miss L has made quite a recovery and so we did not need to visit the doctor today. Instead, we spent money on some clothes for Miss L and me, some jewellery for me and some new yarn! Everybody was happy!!

*a little treat for those who follow up on those darn asteriks! You should always read the fine print!! if you go here there is a free pattern by Lucinda Guy for Coatscrafts. It's a very cute little owl called Snoozy Ned.

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capello said...

Miss L's jacket is wonderful! I'm amazed at what knitters can create.

And what lovely swap goodies! I heart swaps.

if you are feeling nostalgic