Tuesday, February 27

reading, watching, sewing

Another week has flown past - and I'm still working on my patchwork strips - I do have a plan now for them too, but I'm still not sharing yet. I have spent most of the week emersed in Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. This book is really different in its make up, and sometimes the many references included can be annoying, distracting from the story. However, I enjoyed it, and hadn't guessed the end half way through, so it became a riveting read. I hate when you know what is going to happen. The main character, Blue is so naive at times that you just grimace reading, but I would recommend it. I have now moved on to Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, the illustrated edition, which is so heavy it makes reading in bed a sort of gymnastic workout! So far, so good with this too - which is lucky, because I really hate getting a downer, waste of time book after you've read something good - and I've been on a bit of a roll so far with the reading. My favourite in the last few weeks was actually a re-read, Cloudstreet, by Tim Winton - if you wan't a good Australian story to read - this is it. Don't you agree sis?

J and I finally managed some time out from the kids the other night, and saw, Notes on a Scandal. It is really interesting to see a movie where you don't like either of the main characters - such nasty pieces of work - but so fascinating. I always love Cate Blanchett, but am not always a Judi Dench fan, yet she played this so well. Another recommendation.

Otherwise, I am still slogging myself at the gym, keeping Miss L amused when not at school, and trying desperately to find my next project - I'm thinking something along the lines of this but different - how's that for clarity!

Wednesday, February 21


I found this quote a while okay, but it occured to me yesterday that it fits right in with my word for this year - embrace. And I've been trying to do this every day. (not just with my book reading bonanza!) So, my word helped me to brave my nervousness about meeting 15 other bloggers last weekend. It is quite overwhelming to meet so many new people at once, especially when they all seem such capable, confident women - suddenly it's like I'm 13 again and having to meet my peers. Justine did such a wonderful job bringing us all together, and she was such a warm, welcoming face. I took a few pics, which you can see here. Admire that lovely, yummy spread, including champagne bubbles of course.

We recieved a hoard of lovely gifts, and you can see them all on Justine's site. Of course, being held in a fabric shop meant there also had to be some purchasing.

Really, as Leisl said to me, it is just all a bit overwhelming there is so much choice. She made the beautiful purse that I'm in love with, but so far can't use because I just like staring at it! And here are the other girls I met, Suse, Nichola, Bianca of yummy relish fame, Di, Alison, Nicole, KittyB, Sooz, Susannah, Jo, Kylie, and of course Shannon. I feel very lucky to have been included, and keep looking at all my gifts in awe - much better than Christmas!

So, with the blog meet over it was time to find something else to do while watching desperate housewives, brothers & sisters and dancing with the stars! not that i'm a tv addict or anything.
I started these patchwork stips last night, part of my embracing new things this year, but I'm not going to share just what the project is just yet. Maybe you can guess?

Friday, February 16

phew just made it

well finally my 15 little gifts are ready for tomorrow's blog meet at Amitie. I'm excited yet very nervous about meeting all these talented girls. Especially since I seemed to have lost my creativity mojo at the moment. No, new projects here - nup, not one. Of course it could be because I have joined the gym (thanks Jo) and am now slogging my guts out most days, even twice a week with a personal trainer. Which means by the time Miss L is in bed, I'm just about ready to join her. But, I am feeling healthier and much fitter, even after only 6 weeks, however, I think it is zapping all my energy for anything else! Which isn't boding well for our sewing group in another week's time - must find something next week. Maybe one of those cool bath mats I saw here. Or maybe a version of one of these beautiful wall pockets? But for now I am going to relax knowing this weeks tasks are done. I'll let you know how the blog meet goes in a few days time.

Saturday, February 10

Illustration friday - crash

black pen and coloured pencil

still sewing, sewing, sewing, so hopefully able to post again soon.
thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 4

Friday, February 2


Well you would have noticed that the new year has heralded a distinct lack of craftiness. Because, I have been too busy reading books, buying books, visiting my best friend and starting Miss L at school. Phew! it's been a big week. but then this morning I was reading one of my favourite blogs, and it suddenly dawned on me that the blog meet is only a couple of weeks away - and what have I done about my 15 little gifts? nothing, zilch. Then on top of that I started FREAKING out at the talent that is going to be there - just writing that has got my heart going faster. I have always left things to the last minute (stop nodding Mum!), I don't know why, maybe I'm a little sadistic and like the adrenalin fueled panic that will always surround a project? Part of my trouble is I never think things are going to take as long as they do. So,in an attempt to avoid an all night crazy sewing session, next week is it - 15 pressies must, MUST, be finished by next Saturday. No excuses!