Friday, June 9

everything red, white and green

or "Another day of achievements. It must be in the water!"

I love red and white on just about everything - fabric, ceramic's, paper. And I also like red and green together, although I'm sure I remember my art teacher with that saying "red and green should never be seen". Phh, who said there should be rules about colour anyway?! so here is my finished bag - which I am loving.

And I'm quite happy with the additional front pocket, but will have to tinker with the design a little, as I don't think it should gape quite so much.

Continuing on my red, white and green theme is my entry for the "Wall of Yarn" being run by Nikkishell. I recently received this book by Solveig Hisdal; Poetry of Stitches.

I have had it on back order for nearly 6 months and so when it recently arrived I felt very inspired to make my square an ode to Solveig. Well late last night, it was looking like this:

I mean what was I thinking?! it reminds me of a knitted pot holder - not like the beautiful flowers you can see on the cover of the book. So I went to bed grumbling about my unusual lack of vision. This morning when I saw the nearly completed piece I wasn't feeling quite so disgusted with it. And with time running out ever so quickly I decided to finish with my ode and move on. An less than an hour later the said potholder was finished and looks like this.

I'm happier than I was last night, but I certainly don't love it - and I am really annoyed because I know I could have done sooo much better. However, it is off to the post office tomorrow, ce la vie.

I must say goodbye for a few days too, as we are off to Robe in South Australia for a family weekend to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday. The great thing is I can happily pack some crafting and a load of books to share with mum and the kids will run riot play happily by themselves. There will most probably be a feast of food and wine if my Dad has anything to do with it. So I will catch up with you all next week - have a good weekend.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM (even thou it's early!)


shannon said...

Oh great bag! It is so good, you should set up that Etsy store already!! As for your square of yarn, oh my god- its so great. You should see mine, infact when the shows on we can play spot the worst, yep thatll be mine!! It was so good I refused to photograph it.. Liz who I share my office with even said it looked better on the wrong side, uh oh.

Mery said...

Hi Samantha! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog about my softie. And I'm so glad you did because that way I discovered your awesome blog! =) I absolutely LOVE your bag!!! And I don't think your square looks like a is so sweet and delicate and the edge is really great.

mumma said...

I got your message-thankyou for the publicity!

babybug said...

oh, CUTE bag!

gina said...

I love the knitted pattern! although I cannot knit I am at the flea market every week looking for little hand knitted items to bring home and love.

if you are feeling nostalgic