Sunday, October 29

What's up Doc?

This is the question I posed to my doctor last week. I seem to be caught in a rut of tedium and disappointment which equals flatness and flightiness. I have found in really hard over the past few weeks to really get back into my projects - and haven't even be able to begin new ones without a cloud of discontent. This is not like me and so frustration has set in. I realised only a few days ago that really I am still getting over the disappointment of our house hunting. To add to that is now uncertainty with R's job which looks to drag on with no clear outcome for a while - bugger. So it was with some relief that I went off to my sewing group yesterday - sewing group (as nerdy as it might sound) supplies a group of women who can happily chat, gossip, discuss, sew, drink tea and eat delectable treats for 5 hours - bliss! It always supplies me with a much needed boost, and if projects go awry there is always a helping hand. Sometimes just being with some girlfriends is the best therapy. So, I am hoping that things will start to resemble my 'normal' life again soon... Here is a picture of me wearing my new top (sewing group project from yesterday) and snacking on my current obession - wasabi peas.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Now there's that knitting to finish, those bags to finish, and the squid, and those retro toys for etsy and the....

Wednesday, October 25

and then there were none...

Finally, the eight little hopping, Australian things I've been working on (wip mentioned here) are finished and hopping their way to the US. They are, of course, 8 little kangaroo's. Here are the other 7 just before heading off.

They are making their way to Dawn for one of her brillant Open Yours swaps. If you haven't before, try to join one as they are always great fun and you will not be disappointed with the goodies you recieve.

For those of you who are interested, we didn't get the house :( and we have decided to stop looking at the moment. What an emotional rollercoaster house hunting can be - no thanks! So, back to working with all my our clutter in our little house. (This is it on a very good day!)

In the meantime, I also finished two more mini moopies (wip from here) so I am slowly getting throught the WIP List.
One for Sallyanne - which is only a pinch of the thank yous she deserves,

and one finally for Miss L - who has now started bugging me about her own kangaroo....

Saturday, October 14

what's with the eights?

I seem to have a thing about 8's at the moment, so it is pretty fitting that this is my 88th post. I've always loved writing the letter 8, two little circles, and yes, I have a thing about circles too. Anyway, before I tell you about my current 8, I have some finished wip's - done!

Firstly this mended quilt has been done for some time. I bought it looking like this from the market for 5 aussie dollars. It is now happily washed and patched and looking comfy like this....

This post is also hosting a patchwork theme, as I finished my current skirt project. This has been in the back of mind for nearly a year, so I'm glad to finally cross this one off the wip list. It is made up of some old jeans and a group of liberty cotton patches. One of the patches is the great liberty balloon fabric you saw here. I bought so many liberty patches to make this skirt that I now have enough to make a doona cover for Miss L - what was I thinking?! so a new wip to add to the list too :) but the skirt is nice and summery, even if Miss L's friend Miss E told me my skirt was falling down the other day!!!

Finally, I am participating in the Hot Socks swap, and I recieved this

lovely parcel from Barb, all the way from Sweden. There were in fact more chocolates but well, you know, they just beg to be eaten!!

And, as for those 8's? well, here is a clue - they are very Australian, and they hop!

Friday, October 6

super girls

We are in the process of buying and selling houses, well hopefully anyway, so not much concentrated crafting here this week. I have managed to finish my skirt from last weekend's sewing group (hi ladies!) but no pics yet. However, I can always trust Miss L to come up with new projects for me - today's was to make her and partner in crime, Miss V, 'super girls'. Well for once I was able to do said project. I nipped out to Target who were luckily having a 20% off sale, bought two t-shirts - pink of course! Home, whip out sparkly pink cap material from stash and I was half way there. Then, quick couple of clicks with the mouse, a hot iron and TA DA!! Two happy little super girls....

now if only I could whip up our new house so easily - fingers crossed for the auction on Saturday.

Monday, October 2

Expectations of a four year old

Miss L has been very interested of late about me making and selling things for others. (what do you mean there is a world outside me?!) Lots of questions about me being the 'maker' (notice this isn't The maker! Although I'm sure she was a woman, what a feat of multi-tasking). Anyway, all these questions reminded me of an incident that happened last year when Miss L went on an outing with all her friends and their dads. The dads took the then 3 year olds to the Melbourne museum which has a great children's sections. However, it was apparently in another section where there as a life size display of families made from paper machie - Miss L turned to everyone and said 'my mum can do that'. !! Much as I would like my stuff to be in the museum no one has offered so far! So back to those work in progress bags for me.....

you can see I like variety!!

And a quick little competition for you with some goodies for the winner.
Can anyone guess what I might be making with the green and yellow floral fabric? (photo 2)
leave your answer in the comments, and I'll see if we have a winner by next Monday.
sorry Sallyanne you can not enter!!
good luck