Sunday, June 18

Warning: gratuitous photos and words!

After the long weekend getaway it has been all about the colour week photos, so I now need to do some catching up...

1. Gifts for me because as a Leo I like to come first!
After driving several hours through some beautiful countryside (where we saw a kangaroo and a wombat) to meet the rest of my family at a quaint little beach house, we were met with a warm open fire and excited people! Two of these, my Mum and my sister, added to my own excitement by giving me the following surprise gifts. My sister, thrifted these two amazing books for me.
Although mainly black & white photos, they show some awesome artwork,
these are just a couple I really like. Very inspiring.

And Mum gave a me bag which held these wonderful fabrics (the black & white one was my school pencil case), some great vintage buttons, and a card with a small quilting project and vintage rick rack. (I adore vintage rick rack).

During the week I then was gifted by finding this book
at the local salvo's store, for, wait for it - only 50 cents!! and look at the great stencils.

P.s. even thou it was cold we did manage to do some beachcombing and shop browsing. C and I found a great second hand place which had a large collection of most things, so i took home some vintage buttons, vintage pinking sheers and a book of lovely embroidery transfers.

2. Extremely belated WIP's
Now I am really catching up, because I know Friday is the day for this, but with colour week and illustration friday, it all got to be a bit too much!

As you can see I like to have a little bit of everything on the go! and as some of you would know too, this is only a small selection of the piles of WIP scattered around the house:). But some achievements were made, and I finished another Bambi hoodie and superhero t-shirt for a joint birthday party today. Unfortunately, we didn't stay long as Miss L (who attended in her pj's) is into her fourth day of constant fever, so I think we will be visiting the doctor's tomorrow.

3. Note for Mum
You will be happy to know, that also, I finally finished sewing Miss L's fairisle jacket together that you so kindly knitted for me. I'll try to get pictures up during the week.

Hope you all had a good weekend - don't forget GO AUSSIES!


gina said...

I am SO jealous! That would cost an arm and a leg here in Sweden! Let's far I covet your black and white fabric and the victorian alphabet book....not good for me....

gina said..., you've done it!
I was so spazzed with your thrifting finds...I had to link you to keep an eye on the pirates booty you are raking in!LOL!

Kristy said...

I love those Bambi hoodies, so cute!

Shannon said...

Those knitted, coiled things look cool, i have no idea what they are but they look cool!!

Mrs Davey said...

looks like a score!!!! cant wait to flick through whilst drinking copious amount of tea

if you are feeling nostalgic