Wednesday, June 21

What equals the best day of your life?

Well if your a four year old apparently it takes an enormous block of ice, a large collection of similar aged like-minded children, snacks and all your favourite Disney characters!! Miss L and I went to see Disney on Ice today, and I was actually suitably impressed. In fact, I think I nearly enjoyed it as much as her, although I did do less dancing in the aisles! :) This was the first 'show' that we have been to, and going on today's experience we shall be seeking more 'shows'! I'm all for living vicariously...


capello said...

"Peter Pan" is coming to town, and I really want to take Griffin (who is four), but we're schedualed to be out of town AND my husband doesn't think he's old enough yet.


Mrs Davey said...

definately fun had by all!!

if you are feeling nostalgic