Wednesday, May 10

cyril the squirrel's sewing lesson

Tonight I had a lot of fun putting together a sewing tutorial for a friend. She has no real sewing experience but wants to make little 2D elephants for her girls. So, Cyril the Squirrel and I got together and made a little pdf file. It starts like this

and ends with little Cyril. (apologies to Maisy but I love that name for a squirrel!)

R said it was his favourite softie I've made yet!! so there might be a few more of these - they are rather cute!
Cyril is going to sit in Miss L's fairy tree where he will have lots of friends to natter with. You can see a picture of the fairy tree here if your interested.
So happy sewing Mrs Davey. If anyone else is interested in the tutorial just send me a note to: whizzme (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au. It is in a pdf or word format.

Otherwise I am still on the pincushion them, with more parcels arriving today too- hopefully pic's tomorrow.


Mrs Davey said...

thank you soooooo much - i love the tutorial and can't wait to get going!!!

Jessica said...

Yea! beautiful handmade squirrel, want to swap for something?

cally said...
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cally said...

Ah yes, pincushions. My problem is I have the best picushion ever but it is starting to decay a little so I keep putting my pins in the dish instead.

(my first attempt to write this had an abominable number of spelling errors, I need some sleep)