Sunday, March 2

look what's making a comeback


for those of you in the northern hemisphere you may have had one of these kits made for you, I have only read about how wonderful these ready to make children's clothes were. And, now they are coming back, with a new contemporary feel.

As their web site explains each kit comes with:
"All the cutting lines are printed directly on the fabric, so all you have to do is choose your size, then cut out the appropriate pieces.
Thread, buttons and any other haberdashery are all included.
All you need is a sewing machine and enthusiasm!
Kits can be put together by both the beginner and experienced stitcher alike.
All our kits come with simple, step-by-step illustrated instructions to guide you through the process.
You will soon also be able to download duplicate instructions here.
Part of our work-in-progress is developing an online video library that has quick films demonstrating tips and techniques. Please check back soon, or join our e-letter to be updated of news."

Russian Doll Dress by Annabel Waterman is divine, and the design is meant to be coloured by the child themselves. However, I'm waiting for the adult skirt with Rob Ryan's touch

If you still want to know more Joelle from Four Corners went to the launch.


Di said...

I had so many clothkits clothes as a child! I remember very well the patterned jerkin with the furry lining in greens and blues and stripey long sleeved t-shirts! They were great - my mum always made them for me! I still have my Kitty doll at home too!

I will have to order one of their skirts!!

pungsnotded said...

So cool!

Kate said...

These are fantastic - thanks for posting about it!

Chris said...

Thanks for telling us about this!