Saturday, October 11

nothing much

hmmm, time seems to really get away from me when it comes to this little blog. I have very slowly been catching up with posts in bloglines, but still have many more to read. I have also been doing some crafting, and there is progress finally happening on Lucy's Ripple Blanket (on ravelry). After telling Martine that I could quite happily randomly pull the next colour out of the basket and continue, I realised that in fact some colours were not making me feel comfortable. Martine you were right, I can't live with it, so it was frogged back and I have culled all the offending colours from the basket. Still a little bit of randomness albeit controlled randomness! 

Thankfully this week saw Miss Whizzme return to school. The poor little chicken is finding it hard to cope with all the changes at home, changes at her school (they are renovating) and continually being sick it is quite a lot for a 6 year old to handle. I have tried to remind myself of this fact, as sometimes the princess behaviour that is being dolled out is quite testing for a 38 year old mother!

This week has also seen the Whizzme clan camping out at a friend's place while she suns her butt in the north. It has been a joy to not have vacuum every day and pretend you live in a Vogue Living photo shoot. Lounging on the couch with champagne and chocolate watching foxtel is way more my style! Unfortunately though they come home tonight, so back to pretending we never make mess.

I guess really that's it. Not much of substance, but I can tell you there is a whole lot of emotion involved! And because I had no photo's of my own to share with you, the mosaic above is some favourites this week from flickr. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you Sam!

2paw said...

Oh Life in a Vogue Living Magazine House: How wonderful!!!
Glad you are all reasonably well. I love your mosaic too!!!

Caroline said...

Hi from sis back at home and cleaning up what remains of a house after leaving a man in charge for more than 48 hours. Think it is lucky I was not around for C starting school as he is much sulkier with mum there. Z loves her shoes and C made Lego man straight away to go and hunt werewolves! Thanks for Sunday, wish it had been longer. Bring on summer hols.