Monday, February 25

not all talk

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I have promised for over a month now to show the crafting that went on during the summer holidays, and at last I am making good.  Miss Whizzme is home from school today with a slight fever.  This means a lot of colouring in, watching Charlie & Lola and eating cinnamon toast.  It also means that I have been able to finally organise and upload all our holiday picks - phew what a task. You can click on the links to see further details of each project. See, I'm not all talk! sometimes I even get stuff done.

If you are not interested in crafty things, then maybe you might want to check out my summer op shop finds.  Or maybe you would just like to see how good a dog's life can be....


Caroline said...

Loved the photos. Unfortunately Pete was looking over my shoulder at the overlocker one. Pity you mentioned the cost... Busted! (Pete's words)

2paw said...

Yes, a lovely peek at all your crafting!! Hope all is well at your house now. I reckon a dog's life can be pretty good- it certainly is here!!

Jodie said...

Awesome craft !!! You did get a lot done.

Stacey said...

I think I've said it before - Wally is lovely.
I'm off to check out your op shop finds!
If you ever come across embroidered hankies or doilies in your op shop travels will you please let me know?
If there's anything in return you specifically look for, let me know as I regularly do the rounds of the local shops.

Geek+Nerd said...

The Alice dress is awesome!