Friday, March 14

new obsessions

I went to bed way too late last night....

Not that going to bed late doesn't happen often, but this was really late!  You see this week I finally got my Ravelry account and thanks to Sylvie I now am on Goodreads too.  This has meant that all my spare time (and more) has been spent sitting at my beloved mac.  My eyes are on stalks, my skin is sallow, my brain is fuzzy and I really should have been doing;
  • Miss Whizzme's birthday invitations
  • Contacting the plumber
  • Putting the washing away
  • Photographing the clothes for eBay
  • Photographing the new stock for etsy
  • Putting away all the stuff covering the dining table
  • Writing my Easter cards
  • Mending my summer dress
  • Finishing the ironing
  • Buying some groceries
  • the list could go on, and on, and on


little sis said...

Silly, silly, silly. It will be grouchy Mrs Whizzme this weekend!

Stacey said...

Ravelry looks fantastic. I just added my name but at the rate they are doing the new memberships, it could be a while before I get in.
When you've crossed all that stuff off your list, can you start on my list (which looks remarkably similar).

tiel said...

you just described the way I look and feel....I am so not going to click on that link.

I am so not going to click on that link.

I am so not going to click on that link.

Di said...

Oh - Ravelry is great but oh so dangerous! i found 4 patterns i want to knit just looking at the toys the other day - luckily all the patterns were free!!

Corrie said...

ohhhh ravelry is a bad enabler trust me! you'll be wanting new yarn, patterns and lots of new projects but its sooooo good!