Monday, August 18

Well I never

Edited to add - BHG pattern available here

I know can you believe it? finally a crafting post.  There has been a severe lack of crafting on this little blog for quite a while now.  Not that there hasn't been any crafting going on - there has.  It is just that projects are in various stages of abandonment progress!  But finally, I have one to show you.  As you can see from the photo, the recipient of this project is very happy with the outcome! and he had no complaints about the fact that it has taken over 3 months for me to finish it.  Maybe Wally figured that with all the comments Mr Whizzme threw my way about it being "just a bloody dog bean bag" he didn't need to weigh in.  But I stand by my argument that if we have to live with it in our lounge room, it can at least be nice to look at.  This project is loosely* based on the pattern from the Better Homes and Gardens, 1 2 3 Sew book - which is where I was first inspired to have Wally lounging on something more in keeping with our home than an old blanket.  It was always a great way to use up scraps that I have been hoarding, and even the inner bag (yes the cover comes off so I can wash it - clever!!) is made from an old flannel sheet.  

I will try to share more projects as they are finished, but if you thought my posting had been rather haphazard of late, it is only going to get worse.  The Whizzme clan have decided that enough is enough and we are putting our house on the market.  The fact that we have fallen in love with another larger, more family friendly house has literally fired as up - to the point where I am thinking of stalking anyone else who may be interested!  So here we go on an emotional roller-coaster. Please excuse the haphazardness that this blog is afflicted with, but fingers crossed, I will be telling you about my new crafting room soon.

* The dog bean bag pattern in the book, is made up of a very simple patchwork pattern of large squares and triangles.  I wanted to use up bits of fabric I already had, so sewed them randomly together to form to larger pieces of fabric that I then cut the required two circles from.  The side is just one long strip of rectangle strips pieced together.  I then used a small zip on the inner bag, and a much larger one for the outer bag, so we don't have to struggle getting the cover on and off.


2paw said...

It's a great Dog beanbag and Wally looks very happy!! Good luck with the whole moving house thing!!!

Arianwen said...

That is lovely. He looks very regal. I would rush out and make my cats some but they already have beds.....My quilts!

Andrea said...

It's wonderful! I love the colours, and it'll be warmer by being off the floor, too.

My cats just sleep on my handwoven wrap or in my jumper cupboard... *sigh*