Thursday, July 17

a link to double my chances!

image from blog - original artwork and photography

Very selfish of me, and it will sound very insincere now, but I would have told you about this gorgeous artist regardless of her running a competition, no really!

However, I am besotted with her fantastic effiel tower paper art that is currently up for grabs, so anything to help me win. The bonus of course, is not only do you now get to see this fabulous artist, but you too can enter. There are 3 original artworks she is giving away. A big thank you to Amy Karol for providing this link via her venus zine article. If we miss out it's lucky she has an etsy store too!

Meanwhile, the boring stuff is that I am steadily working away at the list of projects, rejoicing that school holidays are over so I can have some quiet time - literally - geez Miss Whizzme can talk!, and doing some extra work at PANDA. So no surprises that the dishes still aren't done, the washing is done but now covers the dining room table waiting to be put away and Miss Whizzme & I are having a stand-off about cleaning her room. Everything back to normal!
And the book sale is still on.... more books still to be uploaded, and coming soon my destash fabric sale.

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Cosy said...

Hey whizzme! Just got back from a little Melbourne sojourn to get your package of books. I am oh-so-pleased!

I'm a pretty basic knitter (glad there are some basic patterns there) but like to look at the complicated stuff too.

Thanks again!