Sunday, July 6

book sale time

Updated: I have added more craft books and even some japanese craft magazines.

well now that you are well and truly sick of hearing me moan about my princess ways, I have decided to entice you with a book sale.  I have decided to cull my rather large craft book stash, and at the same time earn some money for my New York* spending fund.  So go take a look in my etsy shop.  There are several craft areas - knitting, quilting, sewing and even some japanese craft books.  I have only managed to upload a third of the pile, so keep checking back.

And here's the sweetner, if you buy any extra items after your first book from the shop you pay no more shipping. So the more you buy the more you save! 

Meanwhile, I am putting together a Pirate birthday party for a riot of 3 year olds.  Walk the plank, finding buried treasure, making hats and telescopes - let the riot begin!!  Surprisingly someone is paying me for this service - maybe a new job outlook?  hmm, will see how I feel after the party.  

Hope you all have a good week and don't forget to grab a bargain!

*I know you are all heartily sick of hearing about the whizzme clans holidays, but we are going to New York at the end of this year - spending money is crucial!!  I'm thinking of having a fabric sale next - so keep your eyes peeled!!


trashalou said...

Oooo! Books?? Am off to check out your salae now.

Cathy said...

Just contributed to your New York fund! Maybe I should have a clean out too instead of buying other peoples cast offs! I am very excited about it though!

SadieandLance said...

New York? The Wizzme clan are very well travelled! If I squeeze up into a ball really tight I just know I will fit in your suitcase. Deal?

Cosy said...

New York, here you come! Just move the books off the bookshelf and onto mine!

Cosy said...

PS Congratulations on winning a Living Creatively ad package! That's great!

Anonymous said...
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