Wednesday, October 29

for the want of a title

I figure you are probably pretty sick of hearing about the whizzme clan moving into their new abode - like get in there already!! But for us the date is fast approaching and organising all paperwork, inspections, packing, logistics seems to take up all my time at the moment. Boring for us both really. I did manage a quick bit of sewing on the weekend - and I mean quick - quick as you can put your foot on the pedal witch's dress for a halloween party (pictures later this week, after its second outing for trick or treating friday night). And a dress for myself (hello wonderful sewing girls - another great get-together). This too was the "sew quick I even amazed myself it worked" category of sewing, but again I haven't got to taking any pictures yet. Both sewing projects will come with a quick recipe so you can make them yourself - if you feel so inclined! Check back here on Saturday for the Whizzme sewing like a demon projects :)

Until then, did you know Amy Butler is coming to town (well, Melbourne and Sydney) for one night only? I don't know if I can make it - damn.  And this Saturday the Elwood Market is on again - if the weather stays like today it will be a superb place to be having a browse and a coffee. If you are far more organised than I ever will be and want to have a stall, contact my lovely friend Cam Sunshine via the contact details on their website. Tell her Sam sent you!

Before I go Miss Whizzme has had something even more exciting than moving happen in the past week - the first tooth is gone.  Lisping has begun, and wiggling of all other teeth has also commenced!  I think the photo above shows you just how much excitement this event was met with!

Now I'm back to the mighty moving list and leaving the rest of you to enjoy the beautiful day. See you back here Saturday for some craftiness. Finally!


fi said...

ahhh moving, yuck! hope you can make it to the Amy night, love to meet you :)

Stacey said...

I have been meaning to go the Elwood Market for ages.
If other commitments allow (remember it is prime children's party season....) I'll try to come along.