Wednesday, March 5

busy work

I have been spending a lot of time with busy work. You know - that work you do when you are studiously avoiding doing something else you should be doing?! Busy work is actually one of my core skills, and I like to show off this skill all to readily. So, most of the weekend was spent busy working all my craft related stuff that has been scattered throughout the house, into neat, like-with-like containers.  All sewing needles in one box, all embroidery thread in another, bobbin's in the nifty bobbin holder,  sewing machine bits in a special sewing machine bits box. It is such a cleansing process, and most certainly needed to be done. I mean, it was way more important than those things burning permanently into my to do list. Way more.

Last night it was the books in the house turn.  Of course I started this task at 8.30pm. But now all the knitting books are together, the sewing books are together, the quilting books together, well, you get the idea.  When I had finally finished, even I had to admit that there probably weren't too many books left that I still needed to add to my collection. Phew luckily, I hadn't admitted this out loud.  Because today the post man delivered this little hoard which I had quite forgotten about.  
Still a few spare spaces left to squeeze them into.  

Now onto making some skirts, oh the possibilities Alison has given me...
To do list? What to do list?!


Di said...

Ha!! I love your name for it! Busy work is also my speciality! I can avoid doing things at work for ages and then have to do them in 20 minutes!!

Shannon said...

Im quite liking the 'cool kids rooms' I must get my mebership to the whizzme library.

(Or just get my sister to steal it from you???)

cally said...

oh the deep deep pleasures of avoidance busyness, i totally get where you're coming from with this. I started reorganizing Mr P's kitchen cupboards at about midnight last week!

i reckon i could spend hours avoiding work by burrowing into your fabulous craft book collection.

thanks for the birthday wishes :0)

greenolive said...

hmmm, busy work, I know a thing or two about that as well!

Anonymous said...

your organisational skills are to be admired!! Where do I get some of those??