Tuesday, August 1

thirty six

today I turn 36. that is a statement of fact. it doesn't bother me, i quite like being 36. below are 36 other statements of fact about me you may not know. they are in no particular order.

1. I am was a natural blonde.
2. I am the first born of two girls.
3. My sister and I are very close.
4. We look nothing alike.
5. I love(d) playing netball.
6. I also love tennis but I'm not very good.
7. I studied piano for @ 6 years.
8. Violin for only 1 year.
9. I did competitive Calisthenics for @ 8 years.
10. I came back from an overseas trip at age 10 with an English accent.
11. My best friend and I have known each other since birth.
12. We used to play Land of the Dinosaurs at the local park.
13. I once got stuck up a tree and Dad had to come and rescue me. He didn't have to reach above his head!
14. I repeated the final year of high school.
15. I only improved my final year score by 2 points.
16. I have a degree in Administrative Management Information Systems.
17. I was a mature age entry student at University.
18. I nearly finished a PhD.
19. I learnt silk painting techniques as a teenager.
20. I once got kicked in the head because of mistaken identity.
21. After only a few hours in Italy I had an Italian accent.
22. I always check the dessert menu before ordering my main course in a restaurant.
23. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes.
24. When I was in my 20's I had a pet duck.
25. I would bring home every stray animal I come across if I could.
26. I collect English red & white china.
27. I love champagne.
28. I also collect hippopotamus' (hippopotami?)
29. I hate sparkling Burgundy.
30. I also collect little jugs.
31. I chew my nails.
32. I also collect green and white Penguin crime novels.
33. I have to read some form of book every day.
34. I have read everything Agatha Christie wrote.
35. R and I have been together since I was 19 (he was 18).
36. Miss L makes me feel like a miracle maker.


ellia said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope your day is full of bliss!!!!

and now, where do i start? the way you get new accents had me laughing... but i think #20, as sad as it was, had me rolling over here hahahha!.... and your last #?! how absolutely sweet and perfect!!!!

and you are an agatha christie freak too?! oh my gosh!!!! i tried to collect her books but she wrote soooo many!! i have a few though :D do you collect them at all?!

well, again, the happiest day to you! you totally deserve it! you are such a sweet person!!!


dani (pyglet) said...

I am sure 36 is going to be the best year yet. (I'll be joining you in 5 short months)
Love your 36 facts!
Happy birthday and best wishes!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you have a great day/week/month...drag it on sister!!

Morphe pic is on its way. Ive mucked up two already, must focus, focus...

capello said...


Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

happy birthday, isn't 1st Aug all horses birthdays. Have a great day and don't be afraid to horse around!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Samantha! I hope your day is full of fun!!!!

ps. I'm sure your package came to the house... we're away.. my grandmother passed away.

cally said...

Hip Hip Hooray - Happy Birthday!

There are virtual flowers on my blog for you. Have a wonderful day xx

susan said...

happy birthday twin!
have a great year!

Joanne said...

That was great and very insightful - I can't believe you hate sparkling burgundy and at one time in your life had an english accent!! That was very funny! strangely enough the rest I was vaguely aware of - oh except for the learning piano bit.Happy Birthday x.

Allenses said...

no.36 brought tears to my eyes - hope you had a great day best friend since birth.

Carolyn said...

happy belated birthday Sam!

shoofly said...

happy birthday! i had a pet duck in high school! he was a part of some last day of school shenanigans..hehee.

melanie said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Ever since i was a little girl I have wanted a pet duck - and I bring home every stray I can find.

I hope your day was wonderful.

lyn said...

Happy belated birthday Samantha !
I'm an August the 1st girl too - did you know it's a well known fact that the most brilliantest people are born on that day.
: )
I hope you had a great day.