Wednesday, August 9


Can you have a thing about scissors without it being psychologically worrisome? Why? Well I love buying new scissors. (okay, in fairness I do love buying lots of things, but scissors is high on the list!) Shannon (doesn't she get lots of mentions!!!) told me about these great, really sharp large dressmaking scissors you get in the sewing kit at IKEA - so yes I bought them - and they are fab - for only $12.99 for the kit!

A few days ago I bought some nifty little scissors to have for cutting paper - only $3.95 from the local cheap shop. Earlier, in the year I went away with my family at a seaside town in SA, and I managed to find a great pair of old pinking shears - they still cut so well, that they are now being used regularly. Last year, I spoilt myself with a pair of gorgeous Gingher embroidery scissors - ridiculously priced - but really they were too beautiful to leave in the shop.<Then there are of course, the numerous paper scissors, embroidery scissors, nail scissors, kitchen scissors, special good quality fabric scissors that mum bought me, the list goes on, yet I can always find a reason for a new pair. I promise I wield them wisely!!


Joanne said...

Sammy that is very funny!! As long as they are out of reach so kidlets cannot cut their own hair with them (remember!!!)I think your love affair with scissors gets the green light!

shannon said...

Well it seems quite fitting to have the scissors in your new banner!

thebutterflycollector said...

I love Pinking shears, have my grandma's! Shannons' banner is Beautiful!