Monday, August 14

happy kitty sweater - wardrobe surgery

This is my entry for this month's whiplash compeition -
I am entering it into the embellishment category.


plain blue, but gorgeously soft lambswool sweater sits in my drawer. I thrifted it earlier in the year, but only wear it around the house because of it's sort of tweeness blue. Here was a challenge that needed to happen! My inspiration came from this
this picture in issue 54 of Marie Claire Idees, and these dyes. Together they formed my new sweater.
A mossy background of cuteness, but not too cute! A mix of sacchrine and earthiness. I used two dyes to achieve the right 'mossy' look. First the coral and then kelp. The deer, squirrel, cat and bird are hand embroidered, and the ribbon and buttons are also added by hand. So now my softest sweater, is fit to be seen out.


caroline said...

I love it. Would look great over a white shirt collar.

mangetsu said...

That turned out really beautiful. The deer under the tree is such a lovely, subtle embroidery. I like that.

Jackie said...

This is so beautiful! How amazing! You did a great job (espcially with the dye color) and those lovely embroideries!

bekka said...

fabulous idea. i love the color it became, and your embroidery is super lovely!

Hanna said...

wow! it looks like something really cool, but I'd love to see it on or layed out to know where the embrodery is. I think you did a great job!