Friday, August 11

secrets squirrel

Okay it's not a new squirrel design from moi! I've been tagged by Miss Lamden, so I have to cough up some secrets to you.

So what's with the squirrel? Secret squirrel is what we call things when R can not tell me work stuff. Because he works for public companies there are sometimes mergers, acquisitions, in-house stuff that cannot be made public, so i find it easier if he doesn't tell me so I won't slip up!

I once set my bedroom carpet on fire and came close to burning the house down - well so mum would have you believe!

I secretly liked my hair when it was spiral permed!!

I still have a crush on a boy I went to school on, even though I have never seen him since school! how dumb is that.

I suffer from depression - and I don't use the term suffer lightly here!! But these new drugs are working very well.

I once cheated in a test, but still didn't get a better score?!

My sister and I like to do pretend (inappropriate) asian accents that crack us up.

We also like to body slam the other when she's least expecting it!

R and I and our close friends use the term 'poof' affectionately for each other!

Is that enough?


capello said...

You're the yen to my yang.

When I was a child I flooded the basement.

caroline said...

I was the good little sister who never did anything wrong and agree with Mum about burning the house down (I witnessed the carpet burn).

Shannon said...

Yes 'poof' is way overused in my vocab. Affectionately, ofcourse.