Sunday, July 30

bits and pieces

This is a catch up post because it hasn't been the best week - sort of up, down, organised chaos. a bit like I am at the moment, all over the place!.
1. Shannon & I managed to get organised for Morphe 2 - now just have some quite a bit of sewing to do!

2. Finished some requests - a few still to go....

3. Visited the local Japanese supermarket just discovered thanks to Mrs Davey

4. Managed some thrifting - scored a cute little clock like I have wanted for ages

R thinks the clock is "too damn loud" and has threatened throwing and buckets of water.
Think clock will have to be relocated :(

5. Received my Rowan exchange gift - a brightly coloured, felted tea cosy and great goodies

Thanks Lis - she writes about making the tea cosy here

6. Also received a wonderful email from my exchangee which made me smile -
"Firstly I was secretly hoping for socks and you have chosen my favourite colour. For only your second attempt amazing, now I will have to get round to trying socks myself.I have been padding about this morning with them even although we have an unheard of heatwave here"

7. Picked Mum and Dad up from the airport for their little stay with us.

8. Went to sewing group - much needed therapy - thanks girls.

9. My favourite piece of art work arrived from Irisz

She is so talented - look at the packaging which I have put on display too.

10. Finally finished this post - hallelujah!


cally said...

not been blogging or reading recently but had to drop by yours to check if I am right in thinking it's your birthday on the 1st? If so I can mention it in a blog post if I can get the bloomin' thing to work for me. Happy Birthday in case I can't!

capello said...

Wow -- so much! I'm overwhelmed. Everything looks so awesome. Enjoy all your sewing getting ready for morphe 2!

mrs smith said...

love the softy that you and Shazza cooked up. Very sweet.

You do some really beautiful work.
You crafty guys blow my mind.