Thursday, August 3

moving right along

yes, I have been watching the Muppet Movie - a classic - but Miss L is really not appreciating it - what is wrong with kids these days?! :)

Okay, so due to birthday celebrations there was no Bookshelf Tuesday, although you better check out next week, because look what I got for my birthday! but you will have to wait until next week.

But, a couple of things I came across that you might want to know about

1. Selvedge is having a sale. 10% off all purchases until the end of August. Not sure what this is about? They stock books like this, and this, and this!

2. Live in Melbourne? need to warm up from the cold? here's a cute little bookshop to visit, and also view their latest exhibition.

3. Miss L wanted this one put here as it is very important mummy! The new charlie and lola website stuff.

Now I think I have just a teeny, tiny bit of celebrating (i.e. mum's cheesecake, mmm!) still to do! Dragging it out Shannon!


Shannon said...

Good timing on the Florence book, the doco is out soon. And that Scandanavian thread business looks very interesting....

Drag it out, my birthday lasts for atleast a lonth. Infact last night I asked Steven if I could have a belated bday gift - he laughed and said nothing.

Heather Bailey said...

Great finds. What's the name of that red and white book at the top? I can't quite make it out. I'll go check out Selvedge too -- thanks for the tip.

capello said...

Charlie and Lola is Griffin's favorite and his best.

Must go now...

thebutterflycollector said...

happy birthday! What a fabulous present! I ask for books every time and my husband always gets me something wonderful! That book shop looks great, will have to check it out and Charlie and Lola rule !... Cloud fluff and moonsquirters anyone?