Monday, August 7

Insomnia sock monkeys

well okay it's a dog, and they were gloves! But I can recommend this project as something easy to do if you can't get to sleep at night. R is away, so I always find it a bit difficult to sleep, even with Miss L hogging sharing my bed. As you can see however, Miss L was very happy to meet our new puppy this morning - she has been named Annalise. (If you know anything about Barbie, you'll know why this name is important!!)

I also finished two more moopies last night. These are also lots of fun to make, and are my current newborn baby gift, complete with bell inside!

Also now have a little crafty area to myself - emphasis on the word little!! Okay, so many of you have wonderful studios, cleverly arranged with beautiful neatness. If you have seen my before photos, this is an improvement, working with the small amount of space we have and the large amount of crafty stuff I have. (yes, Mum I admit it!!)


AnastasiaC said...

how adorable - the glove's pattern looks so cute as a jumper!
I printed the pattern for the mOopies but havnt attempted one yet!
You are going to Love hugh in the boy from oz - have fun!

Ali said...

Your craft area is just charming - as is Annalise!

capello said...

Love your moopies!

And your craft area is so cute.

~vicki said...

what lovely things you're doing over here! i like your clever mitten dogs, and the baby moopy's are adorable.

it's nice to have a nice craft corner like that all your own too.