Saturday, August 12

shaking that ass

Hugh Jackman was doing just that last night for us - opening night in Melbourne for The Boy from Oz. Pity he isn't 'my boy next door'! Mum took us to see the original show in 1998, when Todd McKenny played Peter Allen. Nick Enright wrote the original and I loved it then (he also wrote the screen version of Cloudstreet which I loved too). But, boy Hugh can shake it! and this version has a lot more punch to it. Hugh plays Peter to the hilt - even with his ad libbiing with the audience. I don't want to give anything away, so this is only a quick YOU HAVE TO SEE IT note to those living in Melbourne!! we sat on the side right near the stage, but it was still awesome. And because I know you too would like to be shaking your butt to "I go to Rio" just follow all the links I've included!

photos from the official The Boy from Oz website

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AnastasiaC said...

it was FAB wasnt it?? did he dazzle with his smile!? wow an awesome show!