Monday, August 28

watch out world

here I am and I'm knitting myself a suit of armour that will repel all things bad and nasty to be found in blogland. It is one tough piece of armour, just what you would expect when using a hand dyed 2ply cotton!! Yes, even though this is the pattern* I am knitting, I thought my armour really only needed to be for inspiration so in my insanity wisdom I decided to knit it in 2 ply on 2.25mm needles (of course I hear the knitters amongst you say!!). I was hoping to finish it before getting back to posting, but well honestly, I just missed posting so I am still knitting! And, I have some secret happenings going on that will be revealled soon, after recieving some magic from the expert touch of Ms Craig.... stay tuned.

Now, must get back to putting my jam shortbread in the oven, recipe from this book.

*pattern Roam by Sarah Hutton in Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine number 40


caroline said...

Great to see you back blogging. The photos are great. The armour is weird. But love it all.

The Chocolate Lab- Organic Cookies for your Dog! said...

Dearest Samantha-
I'm so glad you're back.

I joined the technical revolution and got a blogspot.


carolyn said...

good to see you back!

Kate said...

Great armour! That camel looks interesting - I've got a giraffe evolving this week that looks like they could hang together.

acoustitch said...

Hey I havent visited for a while! Just read all about your dilemma with the cowardly commenter! It's all wrong and glad to see youre not letting it get in the way of blog/craftiness. You should do an illustration of the masked villain!
It will entertain me whilst I wait to meet my overdue baby...tick tock.

Joanne said...

yay she's back - photos look great