Tuesday, August 8

Bookshelf Tuesday - birthday presents to share

Okay before we get down to the usual Tuesday bookshelf, have you noticed that up there? Yes, that brand, spanking new, groovy banner is thanks to my favourite Aunty, and partner in craftiness. Thanks Shannon. And secondly, keep an eye on that etsy store over on your right - there will be new stock in the next week or two. I will also announce it here. A selection of bags and toys.

Also I know I sorta of promised said I would review Florence Broadhurst this week, but, yes there is a but, I haven't finished it!! and I think it's probably best to review a book once you've read it - so next week - and this time I do promise. But don't despair, as I have some treats anyway - two books I bought myself with some birthday money (don't ya love birthday money?! :)) But get this, I got them for only $8 each - yes each!!

Private View by Tricia Guild. ISBN 1844001105

"As Tricia says, 'You are what you see'. Every moment of our lives we are taking in visual impressions of the world around us that can be stored as a sort of internal pattern book, later to be retrieved and used in the creative process." This book is about Guild's own store of inspiration. The photo's show the rich colours from around the world that inspire the Tricia Guild look. Although I haven't always been a fan of everything Designer's Guild has produced this book is a great source of inspiration. There are far too many sections covered for me to list them all here, but a selection includes: The Theatre, catwalk, Elsa Schiaparelli, Iridescence, Modern Ceramics, Amalfi Coastline, Pretty Flamigos, Colours of India. This book is a feast of colour for $8 but I probably would have paid full price for it - just as a sourcebook.

Living with Pictures by Alan Powers.ISBN 1840002433

Said to be the complete guide for decorating with Pictures, this book does provide a good overview of how you can show your artwork and photographs at their best. The book is divided into 8 sections:
Colour, Texture and Form
Still Life
Groupings and Sequence
Framing your Image
The Element of Surprise
The last section provides an excellent guide for making mat boards, different frames, how to hang pictures, and how to make frames. I have found this book really interesting, although it has made me very self conscious about what we having around the house already!!

This book was another present to myself, but unfortunately wasn't quite the bargain of the other two. My friend the book swapper who is blogless showed this book to me a few weeks ago and I just fell in love ( I do that with books, oh and fabric, and ribbons, and buttons, and cute animals, and great desserts and....) So I had to go purchase my own copy.
Linen Crafts by Florence Le Maux. ISBN 1584794968

"Linen possesses all the qualities of true elegance: it is natural, resilient, comfortable, easy to find and maintain and becomes more and more supple and beautiful over the years. There are 40 (yes 40!) projects to make in this book:
Clothing - Wrap top, tunic, stole, baby outfit, wrap around skirt.
Accessories - bags, puches, brooch, bracelets, toys.
Objects for the House - sheer curtains, blinds, cushions, chair covers.
The Table - Napkins, Place Mats, Napkin Rings, Wedding invitations, Coasters.
The Garden - Plaid Blanket, Apron, Log Carrier, Tool Bag.
The patterns are easy to follow and complete within the book. The photo's are so tempting that I immediately want to make everything, but I have contained myself to trying just the toys and wrap around skirt to start with, oh and maybe the tool bag. Of course if you didn't want to use linen you could use any of your fabric stash to make these great items. I highly recommend this book to any sewer - you will love it!


Ali said...

Do you realize you have personal responsibility for the doubling in length of my Amazon wish list?!

My family will be very grateful come Christmas. They say I am hard to buy for. Moi?

thebutterflycollector said...

these all look so beautiful! I have a serious thing for my interiors books and secretly wish I could take a hundred or so home every time I visit the bookstore, but that would probably be a significant amount of cash to put towards a real home wouldn't it?
Great Post!

Anonymous said...

I love this book also. Did you make the wrap around skirt, I was just wondering if it was successful as I too find it most appealing, and would like to make it.Thank you for your reviews, I too have book mania.