Wednesday, August 30


So Bookshelf will be on Thursday this week. I've decided to make the day random, which means less pressure on Tuesdays for me!
Two books for you this week.

The White Room:Creating Rooms You Love by Caroline Clifton-Mogg. ISBN 1903221595

My wonderful o/s friend sent me this book for my birthday. It is beautiful. White is such a great colour to use in the house to show off your treasures (and yes we do have a few). Clifton-Mogg gives some excellent advice

"Effective display comes from intelligent grouping and the basic rules - which can be amended as much as you like - are either to group pieces by shape, colour, material."

"A room decorated prinicpally in tones of white is the perfect background for books and objects shown on shelves and flat surfaces - perhaps some of the pieces that you are thinking of consigning to the depths of a cupboard would have a new lease of life, displayed on well-made shelves."

The book is divided into two main sections - Elements including lighting, furniture, storage, fabrics and accessories, and, White Spaces, including, Bright living rooms, Clean kitchens and dining rooms, halls, stairs and corridors, peaceful bedrooms and refreshing bathrooms. There is even a small section on "Getting White Right" which helps you pick the right tone of white for your home. All this mixed with beautiful photos.

Another book to add to the collection....
Last-minute Fabric Gifts: 30 Hand-sew, machine-sew and no-sew projects by Cynthia Treen. ISBN 1584794852

In the same vein as the Last-minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, this great book provides lots of quick to make projects and ideas. Simple explanations combined with superb photography makes everything so enticing I'm not sure which project to make first. The projects included are: Bias Blossom, Coat Sleeve Bag, Tie Pouch, Cordury change purse, Fabric Belt, Fabric Envelopes, Felt Rabbits, Fabric-covered notebook, Quick Dish Towel, Bark Cloth Baby Bib, Cat Toy, Recycled Sweater Hats, Cotton Knit Animals, Felted Rocks, Fringed Guest Towel, Patchwork Pillow, Red Cross Appliqued Pillow, Travel Pouch, Silk-Trimmed Wool Blanket, Hand-stitched Scarf, Reversible Hooded Towel/Blanket, Felted Silk Scarf, Silk Sarong, Tweed Scarf, Twig-handle tote, Baby Quilt, Wool Knit Shibori Scarf, Inlaid Wool Knit Scarf, Tea-Dyed Shawl. Phew! oh, and plus a section on wrapping the gifts. I mean what more do you want?!


capello said...

The fabric book looks very fun. I might have to check that out.

And I love white rooms, white everything. Yet, I can't do that in my own home. Hmmm...

Kate said...

OOoh Lovely fabric book!

natascha said...

Thanks for sharing these two books. I always love white houses!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!! :)

thebutterflycollector said...

wow, isn't there something just divine about all those white dishes all stacked together! I have this grand dream of owning the Kitchen in the movie Practical Magic and filling it with white dishes! Lovely Book! Oh and an invitation to come and visit my new website at
I would love you to come and have a look around! Shae xo