Tuesday, July 25

Bookshelf Tuesday - the lite version

Well I am still recovering from my sensory wool feast from the weekend, desperately trying to catch-up with overdue projects and R is working interstate this week. Why am I telling you all this? - these are some of my excuses for why Bookshelf Tuesday, will only feature one book this week. In my defence it is a pretty good book I am serving up!

blogger not cooperating so apologise there are no photos yet

Happy Times Together by Jo England. ISBN 1740663624

"Happy Times Together is not about spending a lot of money, it's about spending quality time." This is what Jo England wants people to get out of this book. She is orignally an Aussie girl from Sydney, but now lives in Kuala Lumpur.
I really love this book not only for the great ideas it provides, but also the lovely recipes. Apple cinnamon spirals, chocolate mousse cones, pesto twist pasta, watermelon whizz are just some of the delectable goodies that can be made with your kids - each recipe serves 4 and is designed for kids to make themselves with parent assistance. There are 12 themes in the book, and each theme has activity ideas, recipies, party ideas and lots of wonderful photos. The 12 themes with an example of the acitivies are listed next:
Tropical Spa - henna tattoos, fingernail painting, facials.
Superheros - obstacle course, card cities, awards cermony
Gardening - hairy caterpillars, portable gardens, pebble bugs
Water Play - dog wash, water chimes, water fountains
Alphabet Play - alphabet dance, letter bingo, alphabet crafts
Money Play - shops, penny hunt, collecting collectibles
High Tea - garden scultptures, memory game, paper fortune teller
Photography - mini monsters, man-made & natural, narrow & wide
Outerspace - moon magnifier, solar system, space fallout hunt
Camping - hug a tree, scary stories, star gazing, map making
Beach Play - secret tunnels, beach hooplea, send a wish
Yoga - resting butterfly, brave warriors, soaring eagle

It is a handy guide for 12 birthday party themes, with the recipes provided, suggestions for the party bag, and a guide for the party agenda. What more could you ask for?!

Miss L and I have scheduled to make the portable garden this Friday in her play wheelbarrow. What fun!


Ali said...

Gosh that sounds like a fun book.

Joanne said...

I want to borrow that one too - sounds great!Man,that stash of yours...