Tuesday, July 4

Bookshelf Tuesday - australian

knitting, knitting, knitting - Mrs Davey; reading, reading, reading - sis

knit - handmade style: ISBN 1740457595
quilt - handmade style:ISBN 1740457587

Finally, FINALLY, we have two crafting books with beautiful photos, great projects and superb styling, that are AUSTRALIAN!! can you believe it. I am often moaning about Australia's inability to produce knitting projects that do not include fake fur yarn on everything - what is with that? am I the only one who hates that garishly coloured fluffy acrylic stuff sold everywhere? And look I have a lot of respect for Margaret Rolfe, I own a copy of ther "Australian Quilt Heritage", but not everybody wants to quilt a koala!*

I found these books on the weekend (see last post!) and was so pleasantly surprised to find they were Australian productions I just had to buy them (because I needed another book on knitting and one on quilting, yeah, like a hole in the head!). I have since found out they have only just been released but I recommend you take a look. I have already bookmarked projects in each (more to add to those lists!) and I am still having fun flicking through them. Hoo, bloody, ray is all I have left to say!!
A Boof for Knitterbugs - Teaching Children to Knit by Jen Morton: ISBN 0646323830

Now I'm betting that not many of you have seen this little treasure?! and it is in keeping with the Australian theme of today's Bookshelf. Jen Morton is a Melbourne teacher and produced this great little book (which is very cheap to own, by the way).
It is refreshing to find a children's knitting book which isn't all about scarves and bookmarks. I love the little houses, and I secretly hope that one day Lucy & I can great our own knitted triptych!

knitting, knitting, knitting, reading, reading, reading...

*apologies to those I may have offended who do want to quilt a koala - I'm sure they have their place...


kristin said...

thanks for the great book links... Knitterbugs looks like a lot of fun!! can't wait to see what projects you do :)

carolyn said...

wow! the tryptich is like a knitted Hieronymus Bosch!

sad, I missed Bookshelf Tuesday...but I hope to join you again next week :)