Monday, July 10

Post 51

The weekend was a mixture of crafting, celebrating and being an adult. A good combination which would be great to have most weekends - I think I need the practice being an adult considering most of my time is spent with Miss L. Part of celebrating going out to dinner to a "proper" restaurant with adults only, I made myself a new skirt. (using the skirt block made at my last sewing group - thank you so much Judith). What a joy to have a pattern that I know will fit! I felt so good going out in my freshly completed 'couture' that I wish my pictures did it justice - but unfortunately Melbourne weather is not cooperating. Miss L was also in to new crafting - and we now have mulit-coloured drawings of people, instead of using just one colour. However, during the week Miss L had managed to stick to only one colour - black - to colour her face and hands in with - 5 minutes before we were due to leave for kinder!! Why Black? I ask you?!. Fortunately it was a water based texta which scrubbed off no problems, but it has led to a new t-shirt design... orders taken!!

P.s. we made it too the party on the right day this time too :)


thebutterflycollector said...

this is great! Why do they always do interesting things just before you leave the house? I'm always running late because there's fodd or Something on one of us !!! My little one has just discovered crayons and textas too! WATch OUT Walls!

pyglet said...

Yes...crayons were the culprit at our house recently. We woke up one morning to the Great Red Crayon Fiasco!
Very dificult to get off the white rental walls.
Love the slogan!