Tuesday, July 18

Bookshelf Tuesday - more eye candy

Well last Tuesday's book selection was very popular so I have decided to tease show you more of the wonderful books available from Ryland, Peters & Small.

on display: displaying your treasures with style by Lesely Dilcock. ISBN 1841722758

It really is what it reports to be - a great guide to show how to put together eyecatching displays of your treasures. And like last week's books, there is once again a load of scrumptious photos to inspire. This book is in two sections (the publishers seem to like that!). The first talks about 'What to Display', such as fashion, jewellery, textiles, tools, ceramics etc., and the second section provides the 'How to Display' recipe's. Yes, there is more than one way to display! Still life, ceilings, windows, floors, furniture etc. The great thing about RPS books is most certainly the pictures - it is what tempts you with the cover, and woos you inside. All their books have stunning photography and great style. But to be fair there is substance to those words scattered between. It is why I have these books next to my favourite chair and constantly browse. Once again, it was hard to choose which pictures to share.

vintage fabric style by Lucinda Ganderton and Rose Hammick. ISBN 1841724165.
I really like Lucinda Ganderton's books, and you will see the next book reviewed is also one of hers. Catherine Gratwicke is the photographer for this book, and for the previous book on display. I think she takes gorgeous photo's so I am now on the lookout for more of her books too.
Just to confound my earlier statement, this book has 3 main sections: hunting & gathering; living with vintage fabric; celebrating & decorating. This book's aim is to show you how to breathe new life into highly prized finds. Although not all the projects provided are something that I long to make, I think it does give a wonderful insight into using textiles in ordinary homes. Because let's face it, not all of us have a home that is dripping with the Vogue, Country Style or Architecture magazine look. Some of us(me) prefer the homely, lived in quality! Last year, my father told me that sitting in our lounge room was like being in a second hand collectables store - God bless him! I was very pleased. Maybe, there should be a book on how this can be achieved?! Anyway, back to Vintage Fabric Style... The projects included are; Patchwork woolen pillow, Damask duvet cover, Hankerchief curtain, Baby quilt, Apron and a Floral drawstring bag. Like in Childhood Treasures reviewed last week, this book also contains little suggestions that provide fodder for other projects - "In a reworking of an old-favourite, wool hot-water bottle covers have been recycled from knitted sweaters and are just perfect for snuggling up to on a cold winter's night"> Just off to shrink my cardi after this post is done!!

pillows & throws by Lucinda Ganderton and Lucy Berridge. ISBN184172476
Okay so I am going to totally deluge with Lucinda Ganderton goodness! So I suggest if you didn't think much of the last book, then you might want to check back here tomorrow! Otherwise, read on for more projects. Although the back cover claims there are "clever ideas for hundreds of pillows and throws" in actual fact there are only 15 projects with instructions given. I have yet to add up all the hintful text contained by side the photos, so maybe? I'll have to get back to you on that one. Anyway, the projects included are; Linen throw, Sugared almond bolster, Ethereal throw, Wool & silk throw, Mattress cushion, striped & piped pillow, Tie-on cushion cover, Luxurious patchwork pillow, Oxford pillowcases with embroidery, Giant patchwork throw, Eyelet pillowcases, Bejeweled cushion, Transfer print pillow, Pyramid beanbags and Gingham quilt. I might have to admit that as yet I haven't made any of these, but quite a few on the to-do list! I think I just love looking at all the red & white textiles found within this book's pages - have I not mentioned my slight addiction love of red & white?!

Now, where is that cardi?


Ali said...

You have the best bookshelf!

thebutterflycollector said...

it's all gorgeous! I love their books, I have a gorgeous address book! I usually stand in bookstores and drool over these kinds of books and wish I could take them all home at once! Their website is great too!